On the Mend

I do believe my glute is on the mend!

2.5 miles of running (with only 2 stops just to stretch things out a bit) and NO pain!! Woohoo!! I ran outside on Saturday in 10* weather, and it was the most wonderful I’ve felt all week. I love running like no other—even in the bitter cold!

I also had a pretty sunrise to look at while running. Remember this is at 9:30 a.m.!

Afterwards I went to the gym to lift weights for 25 minutes. I did some strengthening exercises for my glute because the one that has been giving me problems is much weaker than the healthy one.

Then it was time to get ready to go to brunch with Craig. (Sorry this is super blurry.)

Craig and I have discovered the best place in town to have brunch: Ginger Restaurant. We went there 2 months ago, and since that time we have been saying how much we need to go back. So after getting a gift card for Craig’s birthday (thanks Glen and Carol!), we decided to cash it in.

I had the Triple Frittatas, which were really good! One frittata had mushroom and veggies, the one in the middle had sausage and potatoes, and the third one had shrimp and cheese with home-style fries on the side. All three were very delicious, but I’d have to say the shrimp and cheese one was my favorite—not sure why since that kind of seems like an odd combination.

Trio of Frittatas | 11
shrimp and cheese, spinach and mushroom, and sausage and potato

Such a beautiful and fun display. Loved every bite!

Craig ordered the biscuits and gravy. These were to die for! So so so good!

Biscuits and Gravy | 12
fresh biscuits and country gravy with eggs

Even though we loved our dishes, we both decided we liked what we had the first time. For me: Breakfast Tacos. For him: Hot Mess.

After getting back home, I changed my outfit for an afternoon out with a friend. We went shopping at Target and a local grocery store that specialized in various ethnic foods: Red Apple Market. I definitely saw some foods I had never seen before and wouldn’t know how to cook.

After some laundry, cleaning, and talking to my family, it was time to change my outfit for the third time—fifth time if you count my pajamas and running clothes. Ha! I used to do the same thing as a kid, right Mom and Dad?

Craig and I met some friends at Bear’s Tooth Theater Pub for a movie. We watched the movie Lawless, which was quite intense. WAY too intense for me! I had to cover my eyes many times.

Sunday has been filled with church, getting ready for the work-week, and going to yoga this afternoon. 90 minutes of Bikram yoga: my sweat session for the week.

I’m going to try running again Monday morning, so I’m hoping it goes well!


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