Winter: lacking in warmth and sunshine

It has been very cold this week.

This morning it was 0* F when I went running. NOT my ideal temperature for running—or doing anything for that matter. But I have been getting some miles in this week even though my glute (actually my piriformis) hasn’t fully healed. The physical therapist gave me the okay to train on it. I will only put in about 20 miles this week, which is FAR from where I should be, but at least I am able to run and I think (fingers and toes crossed) my glute is getting better slowly but surely.


Another good thing. . . .we will now start GAINING daylight. Woohoo!! The sunset at 3:30 p.m. is not okay in my book.


The winters can be lacking in color, so it is nice to see pops of color like this every once in a while. I saw these on my walk during my lunch break one day.


I saw these pseudo John Deere tractor balloons at the grocery store today, and even though they aren’t the real deal, I still wanted to buy one for my dad. I have NO idea why the grocery store was selling things. There are maybe five farmers in the whole state.


Tomorrow morning I’m running the Ugly Sweater 5K in Wasilla. I don’t have an ugly sweater, so I’m hoping I can scrounge up some other festive holiday wear. Is the ugly sweater theme still carrying on in your area? Or is fading out while Alaska is now just discovering the fad?


5 responses to “Winter: lacking in warmth and sunshine

  1. I do not know how you run in 0 degrees. I am complaining about 30 degrees. You are tough! And in Alabama the ugly sweater theme is holding strong, but I think some people actually wear them because they like them πŸ™‚ Hope it gets more light soon for you.

  2. Great job on getting out there!!!! I feel your pain on the temps and lack of sunlight here in Montana. I swear we’re just starting the “ugly sweater” thing. I’ve only heard of it this winter. …we’re a little delayed on everything though. lol Merry Christmas!!

  3. Love the frosty face photo! My area doesn’t have themed runs at all, but people do wear ugly sweaters. Although here in California, they aren’t “ugly”, they are “vintage” and worn all the time, not just at themed events. Haha.

  4. I can’t wait to see what you came up with to wear for the race. Also, ugly sweater parties are still in progress in Virginia.

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