No Ugly Sweater Race

Sadly, there was no Ugly Sweater 5K race this morning. The race director canceled the race because of 30 mph winds. That coupled with temps in the single digits would have been quit chilly.

So what did I do? I ran outside in -9* F. I honestly considered going to the gym, but it is just so much easier to leave from my house. I guess it seems like too much of a hassle to drive to the gym. But I also pay the consequences of my stomach getting so cold by the end that it was painful.


I can only muster up 9 minute miles these days. My legs just don’t move any faster.


Everyone was supposed to bring a dozen cookies to enjoy after the race was over this morning. I made my Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I swear I followed the same recipe, but they turned out pancake-flat whereas last time they were nice a fluffy-looking. I don’t know what happened. But they still tasted delicious.


Oh, look. It warmed up two degrees.


Since I had no other plans for the morning, Craig and I decided to hit up our favorite coffee shop in town. It is always nice to hang out at the coffee shop on a cold weather day—although I never did truly warm up. DSC_0011

This afternoon, I was busy getting a fresh coat of blonde highlights to brighten up my hair and try to combat the gray and darkness of winter. I usually go dark, dark in the winter, but I decided to stay blonde instead.

I’ll have to post a picture of how it turned out. I really like it! It is really blonde!  DSC_0015

My plans for tomorrow include: church, yoga, and hanging out with friends—along with finishing laundry and a cardio workout of some sort.



Do you change up your hair color for the different seasons?

For the runners out there: does your pace drop off during the winter months?


6 responses to “No Ugly Sweater Race

  1. My pace dropped off a ton in the Fairbanks winters. too many layers to move fast. I also slowed a lot because of the black ice. It is funny you mention the cold stomach thing, because I never did find a cure to that. The only place that stayed cold no matter what I wore….almost a painful cold too. So weird.

    • Definitely a painful cold! I read once that fat doesn’t insulate itself, so I’m thinking that little pudge of fat I have on my belly just can’t stay warm because it is fat.

  2. Yes, I change my hair color based on the season! I’m naturally a dark brunette. In the winter, I color it dark brownish-red. In the summer, I do lighter highlights. My pace has been faster in the past few months (temps 20-30 degrees F). When it is windy out, I hit the TM 😦 My pace on the TM sucks! I’m hoping I get a neck/face gaiter for Christmas!! Maybe that will help me brave the wind! Happy Holidays!

  3. You are a hero, running outdoors in the cold! Of course pace drops when it is that cold, but if you can brave through these temperatures, you are ready for IronMan. Seriously! I am impressed!
    Have a merry Christmas with your family and friends. Will you have time to train on Christmas day? I always kick-start the day with an early morning run at the dunes, dressed in red!

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