My Random Day

I enjoy reading about the random things that happen during peoples’ days, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing some random things that happened to me today. (I hope they don’t seem too boring.)

As always, my day started out with a workout. I knew I probably shouldn’t run this morning since I can tell my hamstring is not healed 100% yet, but I am TOO addicted! I covered 3 miles in 27 minutes. The physical therapist told me to shorten my stride to reduce the risk of aggravating my hamstring, which is what I did.


Prior to work, Craig and I had our weekly coffee date. I brought oatmeal from home and heated it up in the microwave at the coffee shop. I added bananas and a little bit of brown sugar. DSC_0007

We sat in front of the fireplace even though it wasn’t on. It was the thought of enjoy coffee in front of the fireplace that mattered.


Throughout the morning I sipped on my DECAF coffee (since I do want to sleep tonight), but every time I took a drink, my nose bumped the flap that closes the drinking hole. It was so annoying because I had to tilt my head back really far and my nose got wet from the liquid on the flap every time. I just purchased this mug yesterday, and I’m not impressed Starbucks. (That would be one of our wedding photos in the background.)


Craig and I actually met up for lunch, which we rarely do. By the end of the week, the food selection at home is lacking, so we grabbed some food at Middle Way Cafe (a favorite of mine!), and I ate lunch at my desk since I only get half an hour for lunch.

Nine times out of ten I get the combo meal at Middle Way. Today I ordered half of a sandwich and soup. Their “halves” look like a whole sandwich to me! I devoured everything; I was starving.


I wasn’t too productive at work today. Usually I have 12-15 ticks on my productivity sheet, but I ended the day with a whopping FOUR! Oops. I swear I did more than that. Unfortunately a lot of the things I did today were not things I got “points” for.

I almost always have to make a cup of tea for myself in the afternoon. For whatever reason, I’m usually warm enough at work during the morning, but by the afternoon, I’m freezing.  The hot water dispenser is my favorite office machine at work. Sure beats warming up water in the microwave. DSC_0012

It was actually not too terribly cold out today, which gives me permission to wear flats even though it really is still too cold to wear flats. It is all about fashion over function. . .and tricking myself into thinking it is warmer than it really is.


After work it was off to the dry cleaners—again. Seriously, the first time I went to the dry cleaner was about 6 months ago, and I’ve been there about four times since. (Thanks to my husband who needs to invest in a bib, I think. Love you, Honey!)DSC_0015

I’ve accomplished the majority of the things off my to-do list for the weekend, so it is now time to go to bed. After I ice my hamstring first!



What was something random that happened to you today?

What is your favorite office machine at “work” (wherever that may be!)?


9 responses to “My Random Day

  1. so, i have 3 part time jobs in grad school (ridiculous…but i only work about 20 hours/week) & at one of them, i’ve been working on a scanning project since AUGUST. oh my gosh. this fancy schmancy scanner was intimidating at first, but i’ve gotten pretty good at it & now get to help train people, demonstrate it to visitors, etc. this job is at an on-campus archive so i’m also trained in archival digitization best practices. it’s pretty neat 🙂

  2. I’m originally from MI (now living in Flagstaff, AZ)! Hey there, fellow mid-westerner!
    We have a beautiful sunny day here today (45 degrees) so I can’t wait to go out and run while my son is at soccer practice.
    Random thing… oh! I think I might be allergic to kiwi. I’ve never had a problem with it before but I had major stomach issues today after eating it. I HATE when that creeps up on you all of a sudden with something you love!

  3. Middle Way Cafe is soooo yummy. My mouth watered a little looking at your picture.

    Random thing from today: I ran two miles in knee high rubber boots while spectating a race my husband did. I didn’t expect to run at all, so I didn’t wear anything close to proper footwear. It was a beach race and I didn’t want to get sand in my shoes, but I must have made a few guys on the course mad running their race pace dressed in big boots, jeans, and a down jacket. haha 🙂

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