Food with Friends

There is no sign of spring here today. It has been snowing since last night and hasn’t stopped. I thought about going to the gym this morning but had no desire to brush my car off and tromp through the snow.

We did make it out for church but other than that, I’ve been in the kitchen baking/cooking or getting things done around our apartment.

Craig and I did make it out yesterday and tried a new restaurant: Brown Bag Sandwich Co. Craig had had lunch delivered to his office a couple times from this place and raved about the food, so we decided to go and check out their actual restaurant downtown.


We were pleasantly surprised how modern and urban it was—my ideal kind of place. The menu had a variety of different things from hot sandwiches to cold sandwiches, soup, and salads—typical cafe food, but exactly what I was craving.


It didn’t take me too long to settle on the Garden Veggie Sandwich and a cup of soup because I was still chilled from my long run that morning. I guess I also had a side of closed eyes to go with everything.

The sandwich was by far one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. It was so delicious that I did not want to share with Craig. (Usually we split our plates 50/50.) The tomato basil soup wasn’t that great, but it did warm me up.


Craig had Mediterranean Veggie Melt sandwich and a side of “old man” hair as he calls it.

Craig’s sandwich was also very good. We both thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Brown Bag Sandwich Co. and will be returning. DSC_0005

Saturday night we went over to some friend’s place for dinner and a game. Lauren was preparing the dough for our individual pizzas.   DSC_0009

We started with a salad.


And Craig put together our pizza—his half is on the left, mine is on the right. Bet you never would have guessed that.


It has been a long time since I’ve had pizza, so this was definitely a treat.


After dinner we played Settlers of Catan. Any other Settler fans out there? I’m not a huge lover of the game, but it was alright.



Today Craig and I have been busy in the kitchen.

I made this loaf of Sweet Potato and Sage Bread. Nothing beats fresh bread out of the oven. This was still steaming when Craig cut it.


Craig also made a corn and black bean salad for zombie night with our friends. (Every Sunday night we go over to our friend’s to watch The Walking Dead. Well, they watch it, while I blog.)


We take turns making the main entree or a dessert. Tonight it was our turn to bring the main entree—shrimp and rice. (The rice hadn’t been added yet.)


I am still pretty sore from my long run yesterday, so I know tomorrow’s run is going to be at an “easy” pace. I think I will also be headed to the treadmill in the morning.

Hope your weekend was splendid.


3 responses to “Food with Friends

  1. i can definitely commiserate with you on things not feeling like spring here. it’s been snowing here in indiana basically since midday sunday. gross. i ‘m sure it’s not as much snow here as there, but still… that shrimp looks good! is that kale with it?

  2. It’s snowy and crappy here- I feel like it’s like that all over the country! Spring needs to really get here.
    The sweet potato/sage bread sounds phenomenal!

  3. I was able to see how your running was coming along sounds like it’s perhaps a bit improved? I have played settlers it was okay I agree with you not totally my cup of tea but can say I have played it. Looking for sping here too cloudy today and cool. It was 28* this morning so improved since last week. The bread sounds good. I am having Easter at my house but typical food for my menu because that’s what they expect. I am contemplating making a cake for your Sunday too. Happy running.

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