Sore Hamstrings

It is crazy how the body and mind are able to adapt to long runs. My 16 mile run yesterday went by rather quickly and really didn’t feel all that long. Plus I feel as though I could run 16 miles again today. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I am feeling really good today. I remember the days when my joints would get so sore at the end of a long run, but I have not experienced that in a year or so. I’ve often thought that might be due to the fish oil I started taking a year ago??


Once again yesterday’s long run wasn’t speedy, but I did realize that I am running faster than I did last winter, so I am happy about that. I keep a log of every run I do—jotting down a few sentences each day as to how the run went. Yesterday I took a look at my long runs from last winter and realized that they were actually slower than my pace this winter. I think a lot of that has to do with all the miles I logged this past fall.

Distance: 16 miles

Time: 2:18

Average pace: 8:38 minutes/mile

Weather: 30*F, light snow and cloudy when I started, sunny at the end


Post-run fuel: Spinach Protein Smoothie. It never gets old.

Ingredients: unsweetened vanilla almond milk, two handfuls of spinach, 1 frozen banana, 2 ice cubes, Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder, and instant coffee (the secret ingredient!)

Served in my Shamrock Shuffle glass. DSC_0011

I have been forgetting to wear my compression socks after my long runs, so I made sure to wear them Saturday afternoon. I have been having problems with my hamstrings getting very sore after my long runs these past few weeks. They have even started to get sore during my long runs, which really worries me. I’ve never experienced this, so I am not sure if this was due to the snow (although I don’t remember having this problem other winters) or the new running form I have adopted. Either way, my hamstrings feel like a million bucks today, so I am thinking it was due to my compression socks?? Or maybe not. Whatever it was, I am glad they aren’t sore today.


Saturday afternoon I had a hair appointment for partial highlights and a cut. I went to Escape Salon and Spa in downtown Anchorage. I have gone here a handful of times prior to my appointment yesterday, and I am always pleased with my experience. It is an Aveda salon with a clean, trendy, and professional atmosphere.


I went super blonde and got my locks all ready for summer. I just need that snow behind me to melt!


Today (Sunday) has been filled with the typical agenda: finishing laundry, church, lunch at church, and a lot of cooking and baking in the kitchen this afternoon.

One of my creations were these Vegan Banana Everything Cookies. I have made these before and have been very pleased every time I make them. I made these because it was our turn to bring a dessert to The Walking Dead dinner we have with our friends each Sunday night. DSC_0018

And that’s a quick recap on my weekend. I’m loving this sunshine we are having, and the sound of water dripping off the roof as the snow melts is music to my ears.


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