Exploring on Foot

I have been so encouraged by all the support I see for the Boston tragedy on Facebook, blogs, money being raised, runs being run, etc. I continue to be in shock with what happened on Monday. I keep replaying that day and how the littlest of things could have potentially caused a different outcome for my family. I continue to praise God for the protection he provided to my family and send prayers for healing to those who were affected in a more tragic way.


Ever since I qualified for the Boston Marathon last summer, Craig and I have been making plans to explore the Northeast and extend the marathon weekend into a vacation. We spent some time in Boston at the beginning of the week and are now exploring Maine.

I am still very sore from the marathon on Monday. It usually takes me a week to recover, so I have been taking a break from running and doing a lot of walking. I love exploring new cities by foot.

Kristy and I enjoying a walk around Boston in the sunshine!


One morning we walked to this restaurant—Sugar Baking Co.—for breakfast. Craig saw it one day and thought it would be something we would like. He was right!DSC_0066

Craig being silly and Kristy giving him “the look.”DSC_0064

We had excellent food and everyone enjoyed what they ordered. I didn’t take a picture of all our food, but I did want to share this piece of cinnamon French toast drizzled with frosting that tasted just like a cinnamon roll. I have been indulging in quite decadent foods this week, that’s for sure!DSC_0065

When I am in new cities, I like checking out new grocery stores. As we were wandering through the neighborhood, we stopped at this grocery store Harvest Co-op Market. DSC_0072

On Wednesday, Craig and I arrived in Portland, ME. It is crazy how old the buildings are here. I love all the brick buildings. DSC_0077

We walked around downtown Portland and took in all the sights and different store fronts. I had to take a picture of Craig in front of the Thirsty Pig for my parents (they are pig farmers) and because Craig’s nickname in college was Thirsty. (No, it did not have anything to do with how much alcohol he drank.)DSC_0074



What (if anything) are you doing to show your support for the Boston tragedy?

How long does it take you to recover from a marathon?


5 responses to “Exploring on Foot

  1. I’m glad to hear you and your family were not injured by this “event” or what ever the hell it is going to turn out to be.
    I hope you enjoyed the marathon and come back next year. Boston and Portland are two awesome coastal cities, glad you had time to explore both.
    Steve Colbert had a good pieced on the marathon, you sdhould chrck it out. I’m so tired I can barely type.
    I’m running next year.

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