Last Couple Days in the NE

I am so relieved that both suspects from the Boston bombings have been found. I have to admit I have been a little nervous about the whole situation. We left Boston Wednesday morning, so luckily were not in Boston when the city was shut down and they were looking for the suspects. However, I was still a little scared the whole time they were searching for them. Craig and I seriously had the radio or TV all day on Friday as they searched for them. I am so relieved this all went down before we had to return to Boston today in order to fly back to Anchorage early in the morning. Once again, I believe God’s hand was watching over us and protecting us!


We wrapped up our last couple of days in the Northeast visiting a few more sights.

We drove to Freeport, ME and saw the flagship L.L. Bean store. We also stopped at the outlet stores that were right across the street. We scored some sweet deals at the Nike outlet. Craig got a short sleeve running top and running shorts for a total of $13. I love how excited he got about the deal.


Then we stopped at the Maine Audubon Society area where we took a little hike through the woods. We didn’t see too many birds or really any wildlife, but it was still fun to get out and enjoy nature.


We did a short hike. In case you were wondering, Danskos are not the best shoes for hiking in. Good thing it wasn’t true hiking—more like just walking on a path through the woods.


Some of the leaves were quite large. The trees in Alaska are (relatively) quite small and short—and the leaves aren’t that large either.


We also stopped at four different forts. (Craig is a history nerd.) This was Fort Edgecomb near Wiscasset, ME.


This afternoon we checked into our hotel room for the night. I got a hotel room closer to Boston since we leave early in the morning. We got warm cookies when we checked in. I was psyched because I’ve been craving a cookie since the marathon got done. (You may remember I gave up desserts for the Boston Marathon in order to lose weight and attempt to get down to my racing weight.)


I was very impressed with the hotel room.

DSC_0328 DSC_0329

Clean, modern, and quite fancy with its mini Kuerig. Better than the past couple hotels I’ve stayed in where I slept with one eye open.


After checking into our hotel, Craig and I went to grab some food at . We tried to find something local but the one restaurant we were going to go to was closed. We also considered going to Panera Bread (one of the few chains we like), but they weren’t open yet—new construction.

Unfortunately we had to settle on Tavern in the Square. It had a nice restaurant and bar atmosphere, but the food was just okay.


These were tater tots with truffle oil (and cheese), but they didn’t taste that much different than normal tater tots to me.

DSC_0333 DSC_0334

I forget how large the portions are at places like this. I only ate half of the sandwich.


Craig’s steak and bleu cheese salad. DSC_0338

After this it was off to the mall to do some shopping. I was really excited to go to stores we don’t have in Anchorage—which isn’t much. I must not have been in the buying mood because I didn’t buy a single thing. I went to Lululemon and J. Crew but didn’t want to spend my money on things I knew I could get cheaper at other stores.

Can anyone tell me what this store is all about? There was a whole bunch of jewelry inside.


Leah, we looked for your art work in Urban Outfitters but didn’t find any in this store.


After eating way too much food earlier, Craig and I hit up the hotel gym, which was quite nice.


I did 5 minutes on the stationary bike, 15 minutes of weight lifting, and 5 minutes on the elliptical. It was nothing strenuous since I know my body is still recovering from the marathon—rather just something to get my metabolism up.

I also went running this morning for one mile. The only thing that is still sore are my quads.


We have an early morning wake-up call, so it is time to get this posted. Tomorrow we have a layover in Seattle and are meeting up with some friends, which I am very excited about!


6 responses to “Last Couple Days in the NE

  1. Maine is a fun state to visit. When I visited, I went to LL Bean, hiked and I ran in the Maine Marathon. Congrats to you and your sister on the great finishing times in Boston!

  2. I’m always so sad when vacation time us over and I have to go back to real life. Hope you have safe travels!

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