USS Anchorage

Proof this is Alaska. . . . .snow on May 4th.

I think Alaska just wanted to show the rest of the US that she will be the last state to snow! Honestly, very little accumulated on the ground, but it did snow all day long!

DSC_0003Two thumbs down for the snow! Okay, honestly it wasn’t too bad. I still had roads that were clear of snow (which I am so thankful for!), and it was pretty much like running in the rain.

Distance: 7 miles

Time: 59 minutes

Comments: It was a good run—nice to get out for something a little longer, but my hamstring still gave me problems. The pain is in my horizontal butt crack, which I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone else complain about. I still think it is from sitting all day at work. The only times it bothered me in Boston was when we rode in the car all day.


After running, my friend Lauren picked me up to go to the commissioning of the USS Anchorage – a naval ship used to transport soldiers and equipment. I really wasn’t exposed to the military growing up, but the military has a huge presence in Anchorage with an army and air force base in town.

Prior to attending the ceremony, we had to go through security. DSC_0005

We were then bused to the Anchorage port and seated in chairs in front of the USS Anchorage. (This is only a small portion of it.) DSC_0006

It snowed the entire two hours we were sitting outside. We couldn’t see much—besides the ship. Several different people spoke and addressed this exciting day to have a ship named after the city. DSC_0007

Lauren and I were outfitted in our best winter apparel. . . . in May. Oh, Alaska. . . . .DSC_0008

After everyone spoke, they raised the American flag, and then the crew came out on the deck. It was pretty impressive—there were so many people! (Once again, this was only a very small portion of the ship.)DSC_0010

This was the first time wearing my new winter coat that you guys helped me pick out. This is The North Face Arctic Parka—fitting name for Alaska. All I have to say is this jacket is awesome! I stayed nice and warm and dry. I can’t believe the first time I wore it was on May 4th though!DSC_0014

Afterwards we were bused back to the Dena’ina Center for a reception complete with food, hot beverages, and music.

DSC_0019 Lauren and I went straight for the hot beverages and risotto.


They also gave us a cookie with the symbol for the ship. I got a little hungry and then realized I should probably take a picture. DSC_0020

I have been busy in the kitchen the rest of the day today whipping up some homemade bread (this Sweet Potato Bread specifically), a new protein muffin recipe, and Peanut Butter Bars that are not healthy but very good—good thing I am sharing them!


6 responses to “USS Anchorage

  1. Girl I’m having all kinds of glue and hamstring pain too! Let me know if you ever get it figured out.

    Sorry about the snow in May! Come visit Florida whenever you want. And let me know what kind of job I should keep on the lookout for you 🙂

    • My glute pain seems to have ceased after doing some strengthening exercises prescribed by the physical therapist. But my hamstring pain is still lingering. I am going to try and strengthen it to see if that helps.

      I would love to come and visit Florida!! I’ll take pretty much any job that you can find!

    • ps, where do you find such nice running/active wear in AK? I’ve been looking through your posts and you have so much cute stuff! I never seem to find much…

      • Ha! Good luck with that. I order pretty much everything online or pick things up when I travel out of state. I have found a few things at Sports Authority and a couple items at Skinny Raven. I never buy much at SR though because it pains me to pay full price for anything.

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