Random Photos

A few random photos from the week. . . .

1. I was a little too matchy-matchy on Wednesday this week.


2. This Chobani Key Lime Crumble was like dessert! It even had white chocolate chips in it!DSC_0002

3. Sportin’ the free swag from the Twin Cities Marathon during my 4 mile run this morning. DSC_0006

4. Coffee date with my main man this morning. DSC_0009

5. I was lazy for dinner tonight and grabbed a salad from New Sagaya. I was really craving a salad, so it hit the spot.DSC_00116. I spoke too soon. After I wrote about “fixing” the power cord for our computer on Tuesday, it literally died that night. So we had no choice but to buy a new one. DSC_0013


5 responses to “Random Photos

  1. What is it with apple power cords? I’ve been through so many…. Maybe the computers last too long, they always outlive the cords šŸ™‚

  2. that ‘too matchy’ picture cracks me up – but I guess it is pretty matchy lol. Also your salad pictures makes me a little bit nostalgic since I used to live downtown right by the New Sagaya there and I’d get salads all the time that looked just like that. Is it weird to be nostalgic about a salad? probably…but I am!

  3. I was wondering how that was gonna work! I’ve had to replace my adapter EVERY YEAR I’ve had my Mac. Worst product they produce.

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