Boston Marathon, 1 Month Later

Today marks one month since the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon.

I still think about that day a lot—especially since I was there, near the finish when the bombs went off. However, time does seem to help you forget, which can be a good and bad thing. I am no longer engrossed with the news updates and really have no idea how things have progressed after leaving Boston.


(Picture taken the following day while we were still in Boston.)

Yet at the same time I don’t want to completely forget about what happened, which is why I am excited to run the Boston Strong 5K Run tonight in Anchorage. It is a chance to donate to the OneFundBoston and connect with others who were affected and want to support the efforts.

In honor of one-month post Boston, I wanted to share some more pictures from our trip. These pictures were on our point-and-shoot camera, and I had completely forgotten about them until last week. So even though they were taken four weeks ago, I hope it is alright I entertain you with some more pictures from our trip. Plus, this little ol’ blog of mine is a diary of our adventures in our lives, so I do want to have these things documented as well. Hopefully you will bear with me.

The very next day after the Boston Marathon, Craig, Kristy (my sister), and I ventured downtown again. My sister had to catch her flight back to Minneapolis that night, so we spent the last few hours of her trip checking out a few more sights.


First stop, ice cream at JP Licks.


The inside looked just like all of the historic brick buildings I love so much about downtown Boston.   IMG_2082

I can’t remember what flavor I got but it was some coffee/chocolate/bits of waffle cone flavor that was to die for! After no dessert for nearly three months, this tasted especially good!IMG_2083

My sister enjoying her ice cream cone. IMG_2085

We took our ice cream cones and walked down to the bay area. IMG_2086

It was cloudy and overcast but still beautiful. I love water! Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, the ocean. . . .I don’t know what it is, but I think it is so gorgeous. IMG_2087

Attempting to take a nice picture of the two of us. #failIMG_2090

After walking around some more, we stopped at Panificio for some afternoon coffee. IMG_2091

Next it was off to the Boston Common area to take some pictures under the gorgeous blossom tree. (Don’t mind the kid climbing the tree.)IMG_2095

And making (multiple) attempts to get a nice picture of Craig and I. IMG_2097

I think this one would make a nice Christmas card. Ha! I love when Craig sticks his tongue out like that. IMG_2098 IMG_2099

After taking my sister to the airport, we picked up our rental car and drove to Harvard Square. In Harvard Square we met one of Craig’s friends from college: Audrie and her husband Andy. IMG_2103

Amazing food and good friends made for a wonderful meal.

We had the most delicious food at Henrietta’s Table, which had a contemporary farm setting. It was awesome!IMG_2104IMG_2105

I apologize for the poor quality pictures—a point and shoot camera and low lighting doesn’t produce the best photos.

Craig said this was the best duck he has ever had. IMG_2106

I had a vegan meal with vegetables, beans, and homemade tortillas. Yum!IMG_2107

Wednesday morning it was time to leave Boston and head north to Maine.

This was the house we stayed at which I found through VRBO. We had to stay outside of downtown, but we were able to save a lot of money. Plus it gave us a chance to be in more of a neighborhood and a chance to explore other areas of the city. I’ve used VRBO for the place we stayed at in Maui and Maine and definitely plan to continue using it in the future. IMG_2108


2 responses to “Boston Marathon, 1 Month Later

  1. Hi, I’m going through all of my older email notifications.
    Just this past Sunday while I was on my long run with my club I mentioned how we felt months after Boston.
    I said that I thought it was something that got better over time but never truly healed. It is a pain and a scar we will all carry with us for the rest of our lives. As I said this to my running partner my throte got tight. I am not over it. I told him it is like loosing a family member. The pain lessons over time but the loss is always there.

    I’ll have to check out VRBO.

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