Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Highlights from the weekend:

A bridal shower.


Everything was pink and zebra print. . . .I mean everything!DSC_0005

Yeah for lots of sunshine and leaves that finally started growing on our trees!DSC_0014

A blissful 7 mile run in the sunshine that left me glowing all day. DSC_0008

Felt so good to sweat it out—even though the cold in my chest caused me to hack up a lung a couple times.DSC_0011

One of my favorite post-run meals: English muffin with a cheesy egg. DSC_0013

And a chocolate spinach protein smoothie. DSC_0016

Memorial Day BBQ with the best poppy seed dressing ever. DSC_0017

A new personal distance record for Craig, running just shy of 7 miles. DSC_0020

Craig’s post-run recovery meal: homemade acai bowl (minus the acai because we’re cheap) that taste just like the real thing. DSC_0022Full of good food, sunshine, time with friends, and now it is time for some shut-eye in clean sheets. Aren’t clean sheets the best?


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