Twilight 6K/12K 2013 – Race Recap

The good: I achieved my first PR of the season!

My 12K time last year – 55:35

My 12K time this year – 52:33

Some more good: Craig also ran a PR!

Craig’s 6K time last year – 34:57

Craig’s 6K time this year – 32:xx (He couldn’t remember his exact time and the results aren’t posted yet.)


This is a very large event for Anchorage with 3000 people running the 6K or 12K. It was even recognized by SELF Magazine as one of the best road races for beginners.


There was even a Boston Marathon banner hanging up at the event, and the last hill of the race was marked with blue and yellow balloons to symbolize Heartbreak Hill. So bitter-sweet to be a part of that day.


I spent about 30 minutes before the race warming up: jogging, stretching, and doing a few striders. It is funny because I always feel so tired during my warm-up and wonder where I will find the energy to race, but something in my body knows when it is time to go.


Overall it was a good run for me. I really tried to start conservatively and pace myself. I think I did a pretty good job. Here are my splits:

1 – 6:54

2 – 7:14

3 – 7:08

4 – 7:04

5 – 6:58

6 – 7:00

7 – 7:09

Overall time: 52:33

Craig said he also had a very good race. His strategy was to start out conservatively and let people pass him because he knows 9 out of 10 people start out too fast. Then during the second 1/3 of the race, that’s when he was going to reel ’em in and pass all those people who took off way too fast. Finally, during the last third of the race, he would maintain his pace and be right around other people running the same pace. Sounds like a good strategy to me!IMG_2257 The not so good: Sadly, I definitely wasn’t a fan of my new Mizuno Maverick Split Shorts. At first the waistband didn’t stay down, but once I started to sweat then they were fine. However, the material between my legs rode up which wasn’t so comfortable. They definitely weren’t the worst pair of shorts I’ve owned, but I wasn’t that impressed which makes me sad because I was really excited about them.


So great getting out there and enjoying a nice evening running with so many other people. And once again I didn’t even partake in the infamous Moose’s Tooth pizza. It sounded good prior to running, but once I was done, it did not sound appetizing at all. Sad.


14 responses to “Twilight 6K/12K 2013 – Race Recap

  1. I normally don’t comment— BUT I have been reading all your blogs since I don’t remember but that’s amazing that you ran a PR and you were injured plus all the snow and I’m just so happy for you. What an inspiration!!!
    Maybe soon you’ll b on Instagram :)))

    • I do have a pair of the Run: Speed Short but they ride up in-between my legs as well. 😦 I guess my thighs are just too big. Is there a particular style you like?

  2. I have problems with shorts too, they always seem to ride up, and I’ve tried quite a few different styles. I usually just go with capris because it’s so uncomfortable. Sad though since there are so many cute shorts out there! Great job on your PR, it was so chilly, I was freezing before the race started and after I was done. And I wasn’t into the pizza either, or the crazy crowd to get to it, ha.

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