Back in the Swing of Training

I wanted to post this last night but our Internet was down. I guess that’s what you get when you have the cheap-o plan. It runs slow sometimes, but it usually doesn’t cut out all together. Oh well.


I think I can finally say I am back to running the high mileage I love and not dealing with nagging injuries.

It has been a long time coming since having some sort of injury since the end of September. I can’t say I am injury free because I still have some upper hamstring pain every once in a while. It hasn’t bothered me while running for a few weeks now, but I will feel it twinge at random times throughout the day. For instance, I was just lying in bed the other night and felt it tweak a little bit. I’m hoping my dedicated icing and strength training will take care of the rest of this injury.

I am excited to really start ramping up the miles now. I have to get in shape for all the races I am running this summer.


Mileage from the week of May 27 – June 2

Monday – 7 mile, 56:00/30 minutes weight lifting

This was an awesome run in the sunshine. Plus I didn’t have to rush back home to get ready for work since it was a holiday! My lungs did give me some problems as they are congested, but other than that, I felt great.

Tuesday – 3 miles, 24:45 (AM)/5 miles, 37:00 (PM)

AM – My legs felt like lead, but it was only three miles so I knew I could make it.

PM speed workout – 1 mile warm-up with dynamic stretches, 3 x 1 mile repeats (6:49, 6:50, 6:55), 1 mile cool-down. Nothing very speedy, but it is only my second speed workout in 8 months.

Wednesday – 4 miles, 32:00 (AM)/30 minutes wight-lifting at gym/80 minute bike ride (PM)

I am really happy my pace for most runs has been right around 8 minute miles.

Thursday – 4 miles, 33:28

Definitely took this run slower since I didn’t have any reason to push the pace.

Friday – 8 miles

Twilight 12K race – fun race on a Friday evening

Saturday – 20 miles, 2:43

I have increased my long run distance pretty quickly, but I have been feeling good and am hoping this continues. The last two miles were tough, but I just told myself they were the last two miles of the marathon.

Sunday – Rest day

Total: 51 miles



5 responses to “Back in the Swing of Training

  1. i feel your pain on the internet! our internet is cheap too–it’s included in our rent, and it’s some budget company and basically always is in & out. so annoying. way to go on that mileage! you’re amazing!!

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