National Day of Running

What are you doing for National Day of Running?

Ten miles is in the books for me this morning, so I hope you honor this great day as well!

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 1:18

Average pace: 7:53 minutes/mile

Weather: cool, 45*F, sunny, a little windy

Comments: Awesome run! I wanted to stay out there longer! Very happy to have my pace under 8 minute miles. I felt really good and loved running in the sunshine at 5:30 a.m.!


My attempt at holding up ten fingers which just looks like I am going to bear-scare you.


Why I run:

– To clear my head.

– To hopefully live a long, healthy life.

– Because I’m crazy??

– So I don’t drive my husband crazy.

– To celebrate and take care of the body and gifts God gave me.

– Because I love it!


Why I Love Running

No one said it would be easy but everyone said it would be worth it.



Tell me how you celebrated National Day of Running.


5 responses to “National Day of Running

  1. Yaya! One of the best days of the year!! 😀 celebrate running…today i’m going to run with my kids!! We will probably log 2 or 3 miles in and just enjoy each other. 10 miles under 8 minutes…I wish to be able to do that one day. And I will be. Happy Running!!

  2. i ran an easy 4 miles this am. i wanted to go farther, but it was getting late & my legs have just been tired the last few days. but i was so happy to be back on my fave bike path (there’s been construction in the area for the past YEAR making getting to it much more difficult most days). 🙂

  3. I am sure you have mentioned this before but what do you eat before a morning run? Especially when you go out at 5:30.

    • Usually nothing. Today was an exception since I knew I would be running for over 75 minutes. I did have a couple Clif Shot Bloks and then one GU energy gel while running. I only ate prior to running this morning since I woke up hungry. If I’m not hungry and am running an hour or less, I won’t eat anything.

  4. LOL you rock the bear scare! I didn’t run yesterday but plan to do a few treadmill miles at the gym as a warmup today. Hooray for runners! 😀

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