Bring on the Heat

While most would avoid the heat of the afternoon to workout, I have purposely been scheduling my runs during the hottest part of the day!

5 miles in 90*F on Tuesday afternoon . . . .bring it on!


Anyone who knows me, knows I get cold very easily, so I am thoroughly enjoying this heat! I didn’t even know it was possible for Anchorage to get this warm. (It actually gets warmer in the Interior—the Fairbanks, AK area—which is north of Anchorage.) But I have never experienced temperatures so warm since living here for 6 years.

While everyone is complaining about the heat up here in Alaska, I am basking in it! I have loved running in 85*F and 90*F temperatures.

DSC_0004I am resting up for my half-marathon (Mayor’s Half-Marathon) on Saturday, so I did a shortened track workout this morning and will be running just 4 miles tomorrow morning before taking the day off of Friday.


15 responses to “Bring on the Heat

  1. I’ve been loving the warm temps as well! However, not as much as you, as I’ve been scheduling my longer runs in the early mornings. πŸ˜‰

  2. LOLOL!! That last pic is a classic! I hate being cold but I like running in the cold because I’m a sweat-er. Running in the cold makes me look like I’m a normal person! However, I mean NC cold. Not Alaska cold. I need seasons. (But I could do w/o hot, humid summers.)

  3. Enjoy the Heat while it is there. In a previous blog you said you have been feeling really good on your runs and you don’t know what it is—it’s the HEAT!! Save some of that HEAT for when we come to visit.

  4. I’m usually with you on this, but I’m running the full on Saturday and I’m a little frightened!

  5. I can’t tolerate running in the heat at all! I did a 10k race and it was so sunny but only about 18*c (64f) and I couldn’t cope! Still managed to somehow get a pb but I’m used to training in cooler weather in England.

  6. I hope your half marathon went well. I can’t wait to hear all about it!! I enjoy exercising in the heat too. If I am not soaked at the end of a workout, then it wasn’t worth it!!

  7. u mention u get cold very easily…i think it is due to some nutritional deficiency in the body. when workouts done high, body fats and also body nutrients go down. With low nutrition in body, catching cold becomes easy due to lower immunity…so focus on diet…

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