Weekend Fun

It has been a very fun weekend around these parts. Here’s a quick recap.

Saturday morning: A long run.


Distance: 20 miles

Time: 2:42

Average pace: 8:06 minutes/mile

I pushed the pace for the last 5 miles. It was tough but good!DSC_0015

Saturday afternoon: A hike with our friends Anthony and Lauren.

We hiked Winner Creek trail in Girdwood, which is one of my favorite hikes around here. You can see more pictures of the trail in this post. DSC_0019

Saturday evening: Dinner with friends. DSC_0020

After hiking, we had dinner with Anthony and Lauren at Jack Sprat.

Craig and I have tried to eat here several times in the past but every time we go there is a long wait, so we made reservations this time and knew we were in for a treat. DSC_0021

Appetizers: bread with an olive spread.DSC_0022

Yam friesDSC_0023

Anthony and Lauren who moved here a couple of years ago from South Carolina. DSC_0026

Craig and me

All of our food was outstanding! We had no complaints about our experience at Jack Sprat. I would definitely go back again. DSC_0027


Sunday morning

Run: 6 miles/49:40 minutes/felt very good!



Saturday afternoon

I made Fruit Pizza for a family BBQ. You can see this picture and recipe in the original post here.

This is one of my favorite desserts to make in the summer. It is easy, delicious, and I always receive a lot of compliments.

Hope your weekend was awesome as well!

6 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. You are a rockstar! Seriously, I don’t know how you do it. I wish I loved running as much as you.

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