This post is full of moosellaneous items. . . . .cheesy, yes, I know.


This little guy was in our neighbor’s yard one morning. I was watching him, he was watching me, good thing there was a fence between us. You could tell he was shedding his winter coat.

DSC_0001Yesterday I did my long run because we are going out of town for the weekend.

I did 22 miles in the rain—although it didn’t rain that much during the run. It was chilly though at 50*F. I know that is perfect for some of you, but I was chilled. I also think that’s why my pace was a little slow.


Overall it was a good run. Craig biked with me for the first 10 miles, which was nice. I started off kind of slow but was able to pick it up towards the middle. My overall pace was one second under 8 minute miles, which is basically 8 minute miles, but that 7 makes it feel that much faster.

Distance: 22 miles

Time: 2:55

Pace: 7:59 minutes/mile


I am really loving my new Mizuno Wave Rider 16s. At first I wasn’t sold on them, but now that I’ve broken them in and worn them on a few runs, I love them. They are light weight and fit my foot really well.


I especially love all the mesh in the toe box because it gives my wide feet additional room.


Speaking of running items I love, I am loving my running skirts. When running skirts first came out, I thought they were kind of weird but over the years they have grown on me. Both of my skirts are from Lululemon. You can see pictures of the Lululemon Run: Nothing to Hide Mini Skirt through the link.

My second running skirt is the Lululemon Run: Light as Air running skirt. I got it on sale last fall and have finally been able to wear it this summer.



Like the name implies, it is very lightweight and has a great fit. The shorts underneath fit great and stay down due to the silicone piping on the underside. These shorts are also a little longer than on the other running skirt I have, which helps eliminate the chafing that often happens to my thighs.  DSC_0013

The waistband is really comfortable and has two pockets, plus there is one zippered pocket in the back and two on the shorts. I love the fun colors and the little bit of feminine flair a running skirt gives. DSC_0014

Other moosellaneous items:

An article I found very interesting on high school runner Mary Cain Turning Pro.

Funny article on pro-runner, Lauren Fleshman’s experience on the delivery of her baby.


3 responses to “Moosellaneous

  1. I might have to check out that skirt. I haven’t had much luck with a skirt that doesn’t chafe!

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