Awesome Summer Weekend + 85 Miles

Can summer please stay like this forever?

I had a fabulous weekend, and I hope there are many more days in the 70s and 80s to come because I am not tired of it yet. (I guess it is Minnesota/Midwest thing to add the word ‘yet’ at the end of a sentence.)


After the Bear Paw 5K on Saturday, I ran 19 more miles. It was hot, sunny, and I loved running in the 80*F heat. It wasn’t the easiest run, and I got really, really thirsty, but it was better than running in 0 degree weather.

I really wanted to run 24 total miles, but I knew it was time to call it quits when my arm was dry as a bone and I wasn’t sweating any more. (It had actually been like that for several miles.) I stopped to get water 4 times throughout the run but even that couldn’t keep my hydrated.


After completing my long run, I was supposed to meet a friend at her place in Wasilla. Long story short, my phone was dead, so I had no way of getting in contact with her. I didn’t have her phone number, address, or directions to her house. I thought about just going back home and forget about trying to find her place, but I accidentally stood her up one other time, so I didn’t want to stand her up again!

I was hoping I would see someone I knew before or after the race and I would ask to use their phone, but I didn’t see a single sole I knew. My next idea was to try and find a public computer with Internet. I thought the library might have something, but I didn’t know if they would be open. So I went to the local coffee shop in Eagle River to see if an employee knew of a public computer I could use.

After ordering some food at Jitters, I told the guy I was supposed to meet a friend and had no way of getting in contact with her. I asked if he knew of a public computer with Internet access I could use. He said he didn’t, but he said I could use his phone. Halleluiah! I thanked him up and down and then proceeded to look up my friend’s contact information on Facebook.

Moral of the story: most people are nice and will help you out if you need it! And the employees at Jitters are exceptional and went above and beyond—even with my food order!!

However, my hurdles didn’t stop there. There were the two detours because I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going and a stop at the local grocery store to ask if I could borrow the phone book for a map of the area. An hour later I finally made it. And after retelling the story to my friend and her husband, the first thing she said, “I think you need to get a smart phone.” Ha! I actually felt quite empowered that I can still manager without these technologies. Anyway, it was fun hanging out with her and her husband, seeing their new house, and holding an 11 day old baby! (Sadly, I was too busy chit-chatting to remember to take pictures.)


Saturday evening when I got home to shower, I realized just how much sun I really did get. I have never, ever gotten burnt in Alaska. But then again I can count the times on two hands that it has been 70 or more degrees in the six years I have lived here. (Well, that is exact for this summer.)


Now an update on running. . . . .

85 miles in the books this last week, which included a PR in the 5K.


Mileage for July 8 – 14


AM – 14 miles/1:49

PM – 35 minutes weight lifting


AM – 5 miles/41:44

PM – 9 miles/1:11


PM – 8 miles/1:09 (Track workout: 10 x 400 meters, 4 x 200 meters)


AM – 7 miles/57:30


AM – 7 miles/57:00


AM – Bear Paw 5K race + 17 miles

Total long run: 22 miles


AM – 8 miles/1:07

PM – 5 miles/38:43

DSC_0018It has been another very successful week of running. This is my highest mileage so far this summer and 3 weeks with no days off. Surprisingly I am still feeling really good. I have been proactive by doing ice baths, stretching, strength training, core work, eating right, and trying to get adequate sleep.

I plan to run high mileage during the first half of this week and then back off a few days prior to the Her Tern Half-Marathon on Sunday!

6 responses to “Awesome Summer Weekend + 85 Miles

  1. Oh My! This is amazing…I want to get to the point where I can log this many miles in a week. Motivates me to run that extra mile every time…thank you!

  2. Yikes! That’s a lot of sun.
    You might be the first person who I’ve read loves the high temps for running!
    I’e much rather run when it’s 0 degrees than anything over 85!!

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