Trial Run for the Marathon

100 miles in the books!

It was a good week. Running high mileage this summer has gone MUCH better than last summer. I remember feeling very fatigued and my quads just aching during some runs last summer when running 90/100 mile weeks for the first time.


This summer things have gone much more smoothly. However, my hamstring/adductor was very finicky yesterday. It was definitely not feeling so good. This happened earlier in the summer but icing 1-2 times per day helped calm it down, so I’m hoping that works again. I’m also hoping it prefers this next week of 70 miles better too.

Here’s how my 100 mile week went down:


AM – 14 miles/1:50

Decent run. Very windy though! Felt like I was running in place going against the wind. Probably good practice for the marathon because the course is on open, flat land.


AM – 12 miles/1:28

Tempo workout: 3 x [2 miles at goal marathon pace (7:25), 1 mile at half-marathon race pace (6:55)]

I did the exact same workout last week, and I’m happy to report all of my splits were faster than last week’s! Splits: (7:12, 7:08, 7:10,<–hill!); (7:22, 7:15, 6:58); (7:12, 7:06, 7:02)

PM – 4 miles/31:48

Easy recover run. Hamstring hurt a little.


AM – 11 miles/1:28

Felt good, but I thought my splits would have been faster. Oh well, I did run a hilly course.

PM – 30 minutes weight lifting session (last one before the marathon)


AM – 11 miles/1:27

Track workout: 6 x 1 mile repeats (300 meters jogging in-between each one)

This was another tough workout. I did this workout about a month ago and almost all of the splits were faster this time around. Splits: 6:34 (bad!), 6:22, 6:22, 6:21, 6:22, 6:23

PM – 4 miles/36:50

Two slow miles by myself and then two miles with Craig. My legs are definitely feeling it, so I wasn’t even concerned about my pace.


8 miles/1:04

Another slow run—nothing great, nothing terrible. Raining again!


24 miles/3:04

I made it. Twenty-four consecutive miles without stopping. That really gives me confidence I can do that again during the marathon. This would have been really close to my PR—and to think I ran this during a 100-mile week.



AM- 7 miles/1:01

Not so great. Tired and fatigued legs from yesterday.

PM – 5 miles/39:20

Better than this morning, but I can still tell my legs were in need of an ice bath.

Total: 100 miles


On Saturday I did a trial run for the marathon on September 29. I tried to simulate race day in preparation for a successful race day experience.

Ideally I would have woken up at the time I would need to get up for the marathon on race day, which would be about 3 hours beforehand, However, that did not happen on Saturday—not even close. I got up at 7:30 a.m. and did a million things around the house before setting out for my long run 5 hours later. It was a combination of trying to get things done before running and procrastinating. Yes, even I procrastinate on my long runs. They make me nervous!! 24 miles in a long ways!


Other than that, I tried to simulate race day in the following ways:

1. The night before I fueled up with lots of carbs and low-fiber foods. I didn’t eat exactly what I will probably eat the night before, but I did eat foods that would not cause any GI distress.

2. I ate my standard pre-race breakfast foods: cereal with almond milk, bagel with peanut butter, and half of a banana.

3. I wore the same clothes I plan to wear on race day.

I want to make sure my clothes are comfortable and won’t cause severe chafing. I don’t want to be tugging at my tank top throughout the whole race or be dealing with chafing half way through—which did happen with my skirt. So not fun.

4. I practiced taking my energy gel and water while still running. I would much prefer to stop to eat and drink these things, but I know I won’t sacrifice the time during the race, so I need to practice it now.

5. I didn’t stop during the entire 24 miles.

This is big for me mentally. There has only been one race where I did not stop to walk, and I would really like to have this marathon be my second one.


This was definitely one of my tougher long runs. The only other 24-miler I did was split up. I ran 1 mile warm-up, then raced a half-marathon, then ran 10 miles but I stopped and took several breaks.

Having this long run under my belt with splits very close to my goal race pace really gives me a boost of confidence before I start my 3-week taper this week.


12 responses to “Trial Run for the Marathon

  1. Hey Michelle!
    I’m running the Kenai River Marathon too! Of course our times will be very different, but I’ve heard it’s a lovely course and I’m really looking forward to it.

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