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I took the morning off from running and had a coffee date with Craig instead. We have been doing our coffee dates every Friday before work. It is a great time to catch up on things that didn’t get shared during the week because we were too busy.

We love the new Kaladi Bros. coffee shop off Jewel Lake Road.


Craig and I also met up for a lunch date at Middle Way Cafe. That is a happening place around the lunch hour. You can hardly snag a table! I had consumed one large breakfast plus all my food for lunch during breakfast #2, so I just ordered fresh juice (kale + carrots + apple + ginger) and a vegan cupcake. Middle Way makes the best vegan cupcakes. This one was pumpkin, and it was phenomenal.



I know there is tension about the items we (bloggers) promote on our blogs, but I don’t often receive free things, so yes I am going to jump at the chance when someone offers me something I could legitimately use. And in return I will dedicate part of a blog post to their company and product.

I still am not quite sure why Watch Co – The Watch Company reached out to me—a running blogger, but I’m not complaining.


I have never owned a nice, expensive watch before. For quite some time I’ve thought about purchasing a high quality watch, but I never did, so I was thrilled when I was able to pick out something from the website. I ended up choosing one of the Citizen Eco-Drive Watches.

How cool is it that they are powered by the sun?DSC_0030

I’ve been wearing the watch 4-5 times a week and love how sleek and elegant it looks. The other watch I have is silver, so it is nice to have this gold-colored option too. DSC_0022 DSC_0023

I was very picky about the face of the watch. I don’t like the watches that have half of the numbers are missing, I find it much too difficult to tell the time. Sure, you have to know your Roman Numerals, but I don’t mind. DSC_0026

The band was a little complicated, and I finally had to ask Craig to help me figure out how to operate it. But other than that, I love the watch and have no complaints about it. DSC_0027

I received excellent customer service with the representative who contact me and am glad to help get their name and product out there.


2 responses to “Watch Co – The Watch Company

  1. love that watch! so many people don’t wear watches anymore but i love them. practical and stylish! i want a gold option too, as all i have (besides running watches) is a silver one. what a cool freebie 🙂

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