For the Run of It

I know. I know. . . .really lame title. (I can see Craig rolling his eyes right now.) I think coming up with a title is the hardest part of the blog post.

It was so nice to actually have time to relax this weekend and not have 50 million things to get done on my to-do list. I actually (kind of) took a nap on Saturday afternoon. But then “woke up” (not sure I really fell asleep) and was 10 times more tired than when I first laid down. This is exactly why I don’t take naps. But the idea always sounds so pleasant.

Saturday morning I woke up famished! This always happens. I had a small bowl of cereal because I wanted to start my run sooner than later. This Nature’s Path Blueberry Cinnamon Flax definitely has a “healthy cereal” taste to it, but for some odd reason I find myself craving it. I really like the fact it contains 9 grams of protein in each serving.  DSC_0010

Prior to heading out for my run, I had my pre-workout UCAN. I broke my 15 miles run into several different part: 2 miles with Craig, 2 miles by myself, 1 mile with Sadie (our dog), and then 10 more by myself.


I took this run pretty slow and tried not to be too concerned about my pace—although it is too engrained in me not to care too much. It was a fabulous run on a very nice fall day. I can’t believe I am still wearing shorts (I know I keep saying this.), but honestly, we have actually had a real fall—and a real summer too!

It makes me laugh when I hear comments such as, “Isn’t this fall so nice that we are having.” All I can think is, “Yeah, this is how it should be—and is everywhere else in this country!” Oh, Alaska. . . . .DSC_0002

Sadie is the biggest cuddle-bug ever. You can’t be on the couch without her being snug up against you or often times on top of you. She loves cuddling with Craig on the couch. I think she knows I’m her competition which is why she doesn’t like me as much.  DSC_0005

After making my post-workout UCAN smoothie, I had half of a Clif Protein bar. I really like these protein bar and have half of one nearly every day. I like that even half of the bar has 10 grams of protein, and it is a low glycemic food, which—from what I understand—is important when taking UCAN. DSC_0006I also had my egg + Laughing Cow + bread open-faced sandwich. I also dig this after a run for the protein and carb requirements. I used a sprouted grain bread, which had 6 grams of protein versus the 2 grams in most other slices of bread.


If it isn’t obvious, I really try to focus on the protein post-run and had about half of this Noosa yogurt, which is definitely my favorite yogurt. (Probably due to the fact they use whole milk.) It is thick and creamy and has a good amount of protein in it. DSC_0008

Saturday afternoon I ran some errands to Target and Costco. Luckily I made it out of both places without too much damage to the bank account, which is quite the feat.

Sunday morning it was off to church. I had to share how much I am loving these Ultra Skinny dress pants from Gap. They are seriously like wearing a pair of leggings that are dressy and appropriate for work. With their two-way stretch, they are super comfortable but the material and fake pockets made them suitable for work.


Sorry for the sideways and blurry picture. I’m not even sure you can even see anything from this picture, but trust me that they are a good investment. DSC_0016

I went for another 3 mile run this afternoon (Sunday). And now before I hit the hay, I am going to do this 8 minute abs YouTube video. If you want a good ab workout, do it!



I saw a lot of Facebook and blog updates from people who ran races this weekend. Comment below if you were a part of this!

What is your favorite post-workout food/meal?


10 responses to “For the Run of It

  1. Great job on your runs! I had a really nice four mile run this weekend. The wind died down enough that it was really nice. 🙂 Your dog is stinkin’ adorable and Craig looks so impressed. Haha. Your sandwich is making me think I need some eggs for breakfast. I do that ab workout on occasion! It does a good job, but I do have to admit that I really love how planks target it all!

  2. I am usually the same way with naps – if I don’t have enough time, I always wake up more tired! Ha. Glad your run went well and you’re enjoying this amazing fall! I’ve done 8 minute abs before and it seems like a good one…

  3. i’ll have to check out those pants! i just started a professional full time job (my first- the rest have been more casual) so my work wardrobe is TINY! and i was one of those runners this weekend. i ran the indianapolis marathon, my 4th. it was 40 and rainy almost all the way through, and unfortunately i was not properly dressed (when i packed the night before the race start temp was supposed to be 10-15 degrees warmer)…but i warmed up quickly and finished. not my best time, but moving and starting a new job 3 weeks before the marathon wasn’t a cake walk either. 🙂 so i was just happy to finish, and that the only walking i did was through the water stops…and only miles 12-24. that’s a new accomplishment for me!

    • Woohoo!! Congrats on #4. Even though you didn’t run as fast as you had hoped, you run a MARATHON!! Which is a feat of its own. I need to stop over at your blog and catch up on your life. I can see a lot has happened! 🙂

      • we moved to nashville, tn from bloomington, in at the end of sept so i could start a job as a librarian at a liberal arts college. 🙂 it’s been fun so far but still getting adjusted to the area. moving in the midst of marathon training derailed the serious training but hey, i finished! 🙂

  4. I agree that coming up with a title (and an opening sentence!!) is the hardest part of writing a post! I always think I sound cheesy.
    I AM LOVING the doggie photos!!!!! 🙂
    And that outfit- it looks great on you!
    That cereal is delicious, but if I buy a box I will NOT eat it for breakfast- I’ll just snack on it

  5. Get ready for a killer ab workout when you come and visit! We’re doing lots of planks WITH the BOSU ball!! …and will be holding them longer than 30 seconds.

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