Lack of Training Direction

I did NOT want to get up with morning to go running. When my alarm went off, I honestly considered staying in bed and going back to sleep. I can’t tell you the last time this happened. I debated for a few seconds and finally decided I would feel better if I got up and went for a run. I am good at guilt-tripping myself. I’m not sure that’s the best way to get myself out the door, but it is the truth.

I ended up running 8 miles in 65 minutes. I felt decent—nothing terrible, nothing exceptional. I did enjoy seeing the stars though (something I don’t get to see all during summer).


I know a big reason I wasn’t feeling as motivated this morning is due to the fact that the racing season is over, and I don’t have any plans for any upcoming races. I ran 50 miles last week and plan to run 60 miles this week, which is pretty decent, but I have no idea what I am training for.

With the summer and fall winding down, we are moving into winter where the racing opportunities here are nearly non-existent. There is a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and a few races around Christmas time in Fairbanks and North Pole, but I don’t think I will be driving 7 or 8 hours to run a 5K. There is also Karen’s favorite wintertime race the Susitna 100/Little Su 50K—a 100K or 50K foot race on packed trails in the middle of winter. No thank you!


Picture from this post.

Having little direction makes my competitive side itch like crazy because I want so badly to be out there racing and competing. But the lack of races leaves me with nothing. I’ve said it before: I’m Training for “Nothing.” I don’t have any training direction yet I find myself running 50+ miles every week.

I know it is good and healthy to take a break, but right now when the temps aren’t unbearable and the ground still lacks the white stuff, I want to be out there running as much as I can. I usually pick up the yoga and weight lifting more during the winter as well as an occasional ski or snowshoe session with Craig. I always say I will do whatever exercise I feel like but that never actually happens.

So. . . .we shall see what happens. Maybe once the snow starts to stick I will back off on my training. . . or not.

In other running news. . . . .

You can find the online link to the article that featured me in the Anchorage Press here: Running Hard, Running Long.


I also tried to get into the Hood to Coast relay event held in Oregon each August. Unfortunately our team’s application was not accepted. 3000+ teams applied and only 1050 were chosen. Oh well, maybe next year. Maybe I could start with a Ragnar Relay.

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 8.37.29 PM



Do you have any races on your agenda?

Have you ever participated in a long distance relay event?


8 responses to “Lack of Training Direction

  1. The Little Su is back in 2014!! You know you want to!!! (I’m thinking about it.)

    If you want a winter solstice run to help get thru the darkness, there’s this one: Looks like there’s a marathon, half, and 5K. They are on winter trails, but a 5K is less of a commitment to freezing your butt off if you’re not totally convinced you like winter. Willow sure is a lot closer than Fairbanks.

  2. Mike and I are stupidly considering the Little Su 50K, and I don’t exactly love running in the winter. Feel free to join us. We’re old, but we love to run. I’ve heard that Karen might come up and run it, too. We could all enjoy the misery together, hee, hee. It would give you a firm direction, no? P.S. I looked up the Willow marathon Karen mentioned in the above comment and, get this, last year it was -32 at the start (!!). Cheers and happy running.

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