Beauty Products: Winners

A family that runs together, stays together.

AM Workout

1 mile with Sadie (the pooch) ~ 11:00 minutes (she’s slow!)

2.25 miles to the gym

15 minutes weight lifting for my legs

2.25 miles back home

Total: 5.5 miles/49 minutes

PM Workout

0.5 miles with Sadie

1 mile by myself

2 miles with Craig

Total: 3.5 miles/33 minutes


I received a promotion at work over a month ago and finally started training for my new job this week. It has been a nice change of pace to learn about a new process. Who knew I would be supporting my current employer even before I started working for them?


I am very picky about my beauty products. I am constantly trying new products and looking for the one item that is worth every penny.

For starters, I love my Purpose face wash. It leaves my face feeling super clean and easily washes my makeup off. I use this cleansing wash with my Clarisonic each night.


I have tried a slough of deodorants, but I always find myself going back to Dove. It rarely leaves white marks on my clothes and helps with razor burn. I love the clean, fresh scents and have never tried a scent I didn’t like.


I have been using Aveda shampoo and conditioners for several years now. I’ve tried experimenting with other shampoo and conditioners, but Aveda products are where it’s at. I love the scents and that they are made with natural ingredients. DSC_0037

I picked up this Dove body wash at the end of the summer and love the lather it provides and the pleasant scent. DSC_0038

I have professed my love for Aquage before, and I’m still in love. I use this every day to attempt to add volume to my oh-so-thin hair.


I have also been using this Suave moouse in combination with Aquage. I figure the more, the better, right? I do have to admit that for such a cheap product, this stuff really works.


I am not easily persuaded to buy hair products the stylist tries to sell you, but I did splurge on this Moroccan Oil heat protection spray. I am a sucker for good-smelling products and this stuff has the best smell ever. I also really thinks it helps smooth my tresses and make my hair extra soft.




What are some of your favorite beauty products?

Do you run with your significant other or family members—pets included!


5 responses to “Beauty Products: Winners

  1. i used to use garnier fructis hair care products. relatively inexpensive but still worked well. and i love suave hairspray too! actually i am using one of the suave upgraded shampoo & conditioner now, a Moroccan oil infused one. but since chopping my hair off, i only have to wash & dry my hair, no products at all. it’s super nice. 🙂

    and btw, reading your blog really makes me want to run. i’m trying to take at least one week off from running to recover, maybe 2, after my marathon and i want to run SO BAD!!! yesterday i settled for a long walk after work instead, haha. but my husband went running yesterday and i was so jealous. we usually run together and i love it. 🙂

    • Don’t be mistaken, I should not be running either. I am not recovered from this marathon and have been pushing it too hard, too quickly. I am going to have to take the next couple of weeks off. I don’t know how long I will last though.

  2. I really liked my TIGI hair products I got from Menards 🙂 …they were called Love Peace and the Planet. I wish Menards would have those free products again.

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