Pumpkin Carving and Trail Running

Happy Monday!

I have to ask, does anyone really love Mondays because I don’t know that many people actually enjoy the first day of the work week.

My weekend was filled with lots of activities and prepping for our house warming party this coming weekend. (Someone is also turning 29 on Sunday. . .his name rhymes with Greg.)

That afternoon, I attended a Yoga Sculpt class at Anchorage Yoga. I am still sore!

DSC 0003

I also got a manicure at Artistic Nails in the same strip mall. The last couple of months I’ve had a shellac nail polish on, but I could tell it was damaging my nails, so I just got regular nail polish applied. I actually did a polish change, so for $10 I was able to have my shellac polish removed (which is usually an extra charge) and then they applied a fresh coat of nail polish. I didn’t get any of the manicure extras like cuticle clipping or massage, but that was fine with me.


Saturday evening we went to a pumpkin carving contest. Each couple brought their own pumpkin to carve.


I let the creative one work his magic and do the carving. You might remember that he carved the winning pumpkin last year. DSC_0006

Craig’s creation this year. (I’m not really sure what it is supposed to be—funny-looking/creepy guy, I guess.)


All of the pumpkins competing in the contest. The first one on the left was the winner this year.


With the lights out. . . .the winner is the second one from the left and Craig’s is the fourth one from the left.


After the pumpkin-carving contest, we played Giant Jenga. I had never heard of “giant” Jenga before. Has anyone else played it or heard of it?


It was a lot of fun! I took a stab at it as well. At this point I we were starting our 29th row, and I thought for sure I was going to cause it to fall down.


Concentrating really hard to make sure it didn’t fall.


Sunday was busy with church and getting ready for the work week. Sunday afternoon I did meet a few new friends for a trail run. I am not a trail runner, but I thought I’d at least give it a try. I am pretty sure we ended up picking the worst afternoon to run. It was windy, cold, and rainy—not ideal for a trail run where you have to be careful of your footing. I only ran 2 miles, and it took me 30+ minutes. Yikes! But I had good company, so that helped.

I totally forgot to take any pictures. (I was too cold and wet after running to even think about it.) So you get this picture from a different post, but I pretty much looked like this but with less of a smile.

Hope you day is grand!


7 responses to “Pumpkin Carving and Trail Running

  1. Dear Michelle,

    I am glad you guys came to the pumpkin carving and I am glad you had a good time! I like Mondays; yes, I am weird, but I get a lot done on Monday and I actually like to work as I feel like I am getting good stuff done. I don’t like housework and feel like I should be doing it on the weekends! Don’t get me wrong, I love weekends, but Mondays are OK with me. Take care and have a good week. We will see you on Saturday for your party. Margaret Varlamos

  2. I was really reluctant to start trail running when I saw how much slower I went. But eventually I learned to view it as a totally different sport. It requires different gear, different strategy, why should we assume it would be the same pace as on the roads? It really helps strengthen all the balancing muscles in your whole body and at a reduced pounding. I’ve grown to love it, hope you do too! 🙂

  3. I played giant Jenga at Country Fest this summer! That was the first time I had played it but its a lot of fun with a group of friends. I was surprised how many blocks you could take out without it falling down.

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