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Monday morning I met up with a friend for coffee. We chatted while I ate breakfast #2. Breakfast #1 was a bowl of cereal at home.


Even though the weather was far from ideal yesterday, I needed to get outside during my lunch break. I ended up walking to Walgreens in the wind, rain, and gloomy fall weather.


I scored on the candy at Walgreens though. These two bags of candy for our trick-or-treaters for a whole $3.68. Since this is our first year living in our neighborhood, we aren’t sure how many trick-or-treaters we are going to have, but I am not expecting too many.


Monday night we walked to our friends house to watch Walking Dead. This was a tradition we started last year and has carried into this season as well. Remember, I blog while they watch zombies. I’m not a fan of zombies, death (or the undead), blood, guts, or anything of that nature.



I need recommendations for a day time lotion.

I had been using Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, which I really like, but Craig cannot stand how it smells. I don’t care for how it smells either, but I think I’ve gotten used to the smell.

I have used various Neutrogena and Aveeno lotions, but I think I want to try something new. Any suggestions?


Here are a few links I thought might be helpful for my fellow runners out there.

Are you interested in having a coach? Nichole, a 2:44 marathoner, is looking for runners of all abilities to do some personal coaching for. I think she has a great philosophy and would be an excellent coach for any runner out there.

Wondering how NOT to hit the wall in your next marathon. Read Mile Post’s blog post: How Not To Hit The Wall In A Marathon: My Top 5 Mistakes

MsFitRunner—definitely an inspiration running a 2:48 in the Hartford Marathon a couple of weekends ago. Can I have her body?

A new website a friend introduced me to called Salty Runner, which is geared towards women wanting to challenge themselves and see what they are capable of.


6 responses to “Running Links

  1. Wow, Michelle! Thanks for linking me here! I’m excited to add a few more athletes to my “team” :). You’ll have to let me know when you can be one of those :).

  2. No pressure meant with this comment šŸ˜‰ My father passed away today and it has been an exhausting day. It was nice to just let my mind chill and read your blog. I always enjoy all you write about. Thanks for being there in your own way.

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