Frozen Eyelashes

8 miles of running in 2*F on Saturday morning led to this.

I know. I know. I’m crazy, but I am too addicted. I love the process, and the feeling of finishing a run is like no other. No other form of exercise does it for me.

I didn’t run for 3 days earlier last week, and I was going crazy. I didn’t feel good about myself, didn’t feel fit, missed the runner’s high, and I had very little appetite. It was not pretty.


Yes, it was brutally cold. My legs were bright red when I got back, and I had white patches that were warm to the touch when I got back. Definitely a sign of frostbite/frostnip. I highly doubt it originated from this run. I think it happens every time I run in temps this cold. (And people wonder why I complain about the cold.)

I was craving some warm hearty food when I returned.

Craig and I made buckwheat pancakes using Bob’s Red Mill pancake mix. I topped them with plain Greek yogurt and raspberry jam. I think I prefer this combination over regular maple syrup. I also had an egg on the side for added protein. DSC_0004

Warm food and a hot shower still weren’t enough to warm me up, so the next best option is a hot beverage. I had a mug of dark hot chocolate. This was the Archer Farms brand from Target. It definitely had a rich, dark chocolate flavor but was pretty sweet. My sweet tooth is weakening, which I’m definitely okay with. DSC_0006

Saturday afternoon I was busy in the kitchen making homemade whole wheat bread using this  recipe for The Very Best Homemade Whole Wheat Bread. I’ve tried a slough of different homemade breads, and this one definitely ranks up there. It was fairly easy with the use of the Kitchenaid Mixer. DSC_0003

The recipe called for coconut oil. I think this was the first time I have used coconut oil in a bread recipe. I am working my way through this giant container of coconut oil from Costco. DSC_0007

I also used King Arthur white whole wheat flour. I’ve had a lot of success with this flour. The loaves turn out light and fluffy, and I can use 100% whole wheat in bread recipes. Definitely a winner. DSC_0008

Sunday afternoon I met up with a friend from college, and we took our dogs to the dark park. Sadie ran around at the dog park for an hour today and loved every minute. I couldn’t get her to be still long enough for me to take her picture; she was too excited. DSC_0005

Coffee at Kaladi Brother’s was much needed after that in order to take the chill out of my bones.

Once again the weekend has come and gone all too quickly. Hopefully your weekend was a bit warmer than mine and your week goes well.


6 responses to “Frozen Eyelashes

  1. Love the frozen lashes! I had issues with really red thighs all the time, no matter how many layers. Even when I run at 40 or 50F with shorts on, I’ll often come home with frozen legs. No idea why.

    I’ve had really good luck with Bob’s Red Mill flour for whole wheat bread, it looks a lot darker than the whole wheat you’ve got. Might be one to try if you want to mix it up sometime.

    • Yes! My legs turn bright red even in the 40s and 50s too!! I’ve always though it was my Scandinavian blood. What’s your theory? How did you manage in Fairbanks??

  2. I completely understand needing to run. I get restless even if a miss a day! You are truly dedicated to run in those conditions though! When the weather gets truly unbearable, do you ever consider running on the treadmill? Just curious how you feel about treadmill running…I try to balance the two, and get the “high” from both 🙂

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