We’re Going To. . . .

Once again the weekend flew by. How is it already Sunday night? It was a good weekend—a busy one, but I don’t know any other way.

Saturday morning was a long(er) run of 9 miles. The temperature was still very tolerable, hence the lack of hat and neckwarmer. I felt good and pretty strong throughout the run. My hamstring felt pretty good as well. I’m still being very diligent about icing, which seems to be helping.


After my run, I went to the gym for a 30 minutes abs class. It was awesome, tough, and my abs are still sore—just the way I like it. I always have good intentions of doing ab workouts on my own, but I knew going to the class would definitely keep me accountable.

I spent Saturday afternoon prepping food for our friends that evening. I made three different types of pizzas from the November issue of Runner’s World. DSC_0009

When I read this article a few months ago, I knew I had to give these recipes a try. And having a group of people over would be the perfect excuse to try multiple recipes.DSC_0013

Prepping the dough. I have tried a slough of different pizza dough recipes, and this recipe was by far the best recipe I have tried for achieving a super, thin crust. DSC_0015

My super messy kitchen. I managed to use every square inch of space for something. DSC_0021All three pizza turned out awesome!

Salmon Pesto Pizza – the flavor combination was delicious. DSC_0022

Chicken Mushroom Pizza – loved the caramelized onions on this one. I loved all three pizzas, but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be this one. DSC_0023

Sunny Side Up Pizza – I have seen people put eggs on their pizza, but this was the first time I tried it on mine. Not only egg but sweet potato, kale, and Canadian bacon topped this pizza. DSC_0025

Sunday afternoon, I met up with a friend for an acai bowls at Acai Alaska. We had fun chatting and catching up, but the whole time, all I could think about was enjoying an acai bowl some place a little warmer. . . . . .say. . . . .



That’s right, this March Craig and I are headed back to the island of beaches, sun, and life in paradise. I CAN’T wait!!

DSC 0057

(From this post.)

We will be spending nine days soaking up the sun, thawing out, snorkeling, and relaxing amongst some of the most beautiful beaches. We went to Maul two years ago, so we have some ideas of what we want to do, where we liked eating, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.


My week of workouts . . . . .


AM – 6 mile run

PM – 60 minutes Yoga Sculpt class (not a stretcy-stretchy class—most definitely a weight-lifting class using body weight and 3 pound dumbbells that kicks my behind every time)


AM – 4 mile run


AM – 30 minutes weight-lifting at the gym (legs)

PM – 7 mile run

First track workout of the season: 2 x 800 meters, 4 x 400 meters. Overall it went pretty well. I definitely have lost some fitness, but I know it will come back.


off – I had plans to take a class at the gym after work, but I was absolutely starving all afternoon, so I went straight home to get food asap.


4 mile run


9 mile run

30 minutes abs class at the gym


off – I thought about going to yoga, but I could tell my body needed a day off.

Total: 30 miles



What was the highlight of your weekend?

What is your favorite kind of pizza?


11 responses to “We’re Going To. . . .

  1. Now that has my attention… The pizza looks awesome… I’ve been making my own from scratch for several years. Mostly wheat/whole grain crust- which has its downfalls :o)

  2. YAY for going back to Maui! We went there for our honeymoon a few months ago and LOVED every minute of it!
    Recommendations- amazing food- Star Noodle (Asian Fusion)
    -activity zip-lining with Flyin’ Hawaiian, which was a blast (and terrifying but safe!)
    -Splurge spa- Kapalua Spa, pricey but awesome view and relaxation!

      • We stayed at Maui Outrigger El Dorado– it was a nice location–near Kaanapali Beach but away from the larger hotels. We weren’t overly impressed with our room (my husband had stayed at another Outrigger on the Big Island and it was a lot nicer) but I think each condo is a little different so some are probably more nicely decorated. The beach there was great and pretty quiet and we were within walking distance from Leilani’s and Hula Grill. We also drove to the Wailea area one day and that was very nice too. πŸ™‚ Have fun!!

  3. Our family lives in Alaska too and we usually go to Maui every March… This year we are taking our boys to Disneyland, but have our trip for next March in Maui in the works.. We LOVE snorkeling at Makenna Beach! The Kihei Cafe is our absolute favorite breakfast spot! Enjoy your trip and the warm sun! πŸ™‚

  4. That salmon pesto pizza looks insanely good! I’d be all about that! And OMG HAWAII! I need to visit that place! I’m saving all my days/money for a possible trip to Italy in the fall (OMG again!! haha)

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