Craig the Creeper

Hey all! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a good weekend filled with a little bit of everything: socializing, dog park, movie, house work, running, and yoga.

Friday night Craig and I took the pooch to the dog park—her favorite place in the whole wide world (or at least the world she knows of).


Afterwards, we went to Meg Allen Salon to buy Aveda products that were advertised for 30% off, but they were already closed by the time we go there. I guess they are trying to sell out of their Aveda line, so if you live in the area and like Aveda products, you should definitely pick some up.

Craig has banned me from picking out movies because I don’t tend to pick out ones that aren’t so great—not that I haven’t picked out good movies, but my success rate isn’t the best. So Craig picked out our movie for Friday night. I thought the movie was okay. Some of the things that happened were pretty unrealistic, but it was still pretty funny. Craig said he liked it.

Saturday morning I headed out at 7:45 a.m. for my “long” run. Nichole, my coach, isn’t having me add too much distance to my long runs yet. She is working on developing my speed first, so I’ve been going to the indoor track a couple of times a week to run intervals.

I covered 9 miles in 1:16, with an average pace of 8:26. I felt decent—no complaints. My hamstring didn’t hurt, and I was happy to be out running.


I have been living in my new Brooks pants I picked up a month ago. I wear them all the time and they do a decent job of keeping my legs from not freezing. I can’t say my legs stay warm, but they don’t seem to be getting as cold as they usually do. DSC_0019

When I was taking these pictures, Craig was being a weirdo and creeper. He was also making a goofy/scary face that weirded me out even more. DSC_0020

Prior to running on Saturday morning, I had the pre-workout and post-workout drink mixes from UCAN. I’m still on the fence on whether it has made a difference in my energy levels while running, but I do like having this to drink before running versus actually eating something. Often times after a hard workout or long run, I don’t feel like eating anything, so the chocolate drink mix is much easier to consume than real food right away. DSC_0024

And just like that the weekend is over again. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you were able to get some exercise in and made healthy food choices without splurging too much. Later!


4 responses to “Craig the Creeper

  1. I was going to buy yesterday some Aveda shampoo and conditioner I found online, but it was the 1L/33fl size so I didn’t want to take the plunge on such a big size. I use Ojon right now but can’t find the big size at the (few) sites that ship to Israel.
    Nice run! 9 miles in the snow, I’m impressed. I can always eat after running. Wish I couldn’t.

  2. I admire your ability to run in the snow/cold. I’ve been too much of a wimp. It’s not the cold that scares me so much, it’s the blanket of ice NYC has been covered in…worried I’ll slip and fall!

    Keep going! Inspired by your training…need to get my butt in gear for my next Half.

    -gracekelle at

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