Where’s Spring?

Spring is not here in Anchorage.


We got 18 inches of snow overnight on Friday. Yuck! This always (ALWAYS) happens. Everyone starts getting spring fever and BAM mother nature throws it back in our faces. DSC_0003

Needless to say I wasn’t feeling too motivated for my Saturday morning run. I did manage to find a some-what decent road behind the airport to run on. I did have a great view of the Chugach Mountains.


It was a crystal-clear day and even though it was in the upper teens when I started and low 20s when I finished, the sun felt amazing. I felt so-so during the run. I am just so over running during the snow. Maui is sounding really nice right now!

View of downtown Anchorage from Point Woronzof. DSC_0009

Saturday afternoon, Craig and I went to Summit Spice and Tea to enjoy some hot tea, which was much needed after a chilly run. We shared a pot of oolong tea and played cribbage. It was fun hanging out and talking. We ended up purchasing five different loose leaf teas for home.


Saturday evening we went to church for a marriage talk. One thing that stuck out to me: don’t marry someone who you don’t want your children to be like. There was a lot of great advice. While I was aware of most of the information, it was good to have it reiterated.

Sunday afternoon I made this vegan (and almost raw) Chocolate Banana Pie with Coconut Whipped Topping for our zombie night get-together with friends. DSC_0025

It was definitely a winner. For a vegan, raw recipe, it was awesome. You could tell it was slightly healthified, but don’t let that stop you from making it. I don’t think most people would know the difference.

DSC_0023While I was making the pie, it really made to want to get back to baking and cooking more. I usually try to make a couple items throughout the week or over the weekend, but I have been slacking more recently. I am ready to get back to making more things from scratch and buying less pre-made items such as bread, crackers, chips, granola bars, etc. Yes, these things take time, but I think they are worth it.


12 responses to “Where’s Spring?

  1. Well, don’t feel so put out about it not being spring in Alaska, it isn’t spring here (in Chicago) either. We got some snow this weekend, too. No accumulation, thank goodness, but it was the principle of the fact.
    That pie is beautiful–I am always so impressed by your creations–they are gorgeous and unique. I can’t wait to find out about the next one!

    • That does help knowing that others aren’t experiencing spring yet either. I can’t take credit for the recipe–that was someone else’s amazing creation!

  2. It was snowing this morning when I woke up ( western WI). I too am SO over the snow.
    You have beautiful scenery on your run.
    The pie looks delicious.

  3. I love that you guys have cute game and coffee/tea dates. That sounds like something M and I would do. Yes homemade bread is worth it! I’ve been making my own for almost four years and can’t go back to the store-bought stuff now.

    Sorry about your snow, That much this late is disheartening. Feel free to send it to me. It looks really pretty on your sunny day photos.

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