I’ll Take ______ Over _______

I’ll take an early morning run over a mid-morning, afternoon, or evening run.

Even though I have the opportunity to run later in the mornings these days, I still love my early (6/7 a.m.) runs. (5:00 a.m. is still a little early for me.)


I’ll take salty foods over sweet foods these days.

I’ve always preferred sweet foods, but these days the baby has me craving salty foods more than usual.


I’ll take sweatpants over yoga pants.

I know people love wearing (living in) their yoga pants, but give me baggy sweatpants any day.

I’ll take rain over snow.

I always said—and will say it again—that I will take rain over snow any day! I would much rather wear a ball cap to keep the rain out of my eyes over a winter hat. We’ve had a lot of sun these past few weeks, but I was not disappointed when I woke up to rain yesterday morning. I like the cozy feeling the rain provides and the clouds hanging on the mountains is very pretty as well.


I’ll take a stretchy-stretchy yoga class over vinyasa (or most other types of yoga).

I have been been very good at yoga—mostly pretty awful and since becoming pregnant, it seems even harder these days, so I am sticking to the classes that offer a really good stretch since my muscles have felt extra tight these days. I want to practice the other types of yoga, but I think it will need to wait until this winter.


I’ll take variety in my meals over one or two items.

I am a grazer and definitely prefer the variety of 3 or 4 smaller items on my plate. I always pack several things in my lunch and chose the combo (salad & sandwich or soup & sandwich) lunch when it is an option. DSC_0009

I’ll take decaf coffee over caffeinated coffee.

I drink coffee for the flavor and don’t like how caffeine makes me feel, so I stick to the decaffeinated versions. I stopped at this coffee shack/hut off Old Seward. Every time I run past it, there are at least 5 or 6 cars waiting in line to get their espresso. They are other coffee shacks a few blocks away, so I’m not sure what makes this one so much better.


I’ll take peanut butter over almond butter (or any other nut or seed butter).

I keep trying almond butter and hoping I’ll like it more (since the fats are better), but I like my peanut butter too much. DSC_0015

I also prefer 9 hours of sleep these days so off to bed I go!


5 responses to “I’ll Take ______ Over _______

  1. Totally the opposite on the run time, I cannot get my ass up to run in the AM unless it is for a race. Otherwise, snooze please! 😉

  2. I’m with you on the coffee most of the time. If I’m traveling, I’ll go caffeinated because decaf is harder to find. I once stopped at a coffee hut in Whittier one rainy July afternoon and asked for decaf. The lady laughed at me and answered, “we don’t serve that here!”

    I love an afternoon run and prefer a good nap to yoga. 🙂

  3. hmmm, salty over sweet? that’s how i was too and i had a little boy 🙂

  4. I will also take rain over snow any day! Especially because it goes away when it stops, unlike the 7 months of snow we have here.

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