May is my Favorite Month

After working three Saturdays in a row, I was glad to have a two-day weekend to enjoy with Craig.

Friday night I ran some errands, did “work” on the computer, and wore my new Oiselle sweatshirt. Prior to working at Skinny Raven (and Kara Goucher becoming sponsored by them), I knew very little about Oiselle (pronounced “wa-zell”). The other gals at work spoke highly of their running clothes, so I am excited to try more when we get some in the store next week.

I did purchase this Feather Trials Hoodie from the online sale and received some compliments on it when I wore in on Friday.


Saturday morning I woke up hungry—too hungry to do a “long” run of 9 miles on just a few energy chews, so I made breakfast for myself and then crawled back in bed with the computer and got unmotivated to go for my long run. Instead of running I made breakfast for Craig. He gave me very specific directions on how to make this masterpiece.

English muffin with sunflower seed butter + homemade bacon + 2 over-easy eggs + several layers of shredded cheese + hot sauce + avocado slices

Kale smoothie on the sideDSC_0001

Early Saturday afternoon we headed to the dog park so Sadie could run off leash for a while. She was good for the first half of our walk and then got pretty tuckered out. Yet when it was time to go, she had no desire to get into the car to leave. Anytime we get within 200 feet of the parking lot (at the dog park) or a couple blocks away from our house (when out on a walk in the neighborhood), she starts walking so slowly. Her tail isn’t as perky anymore and she looks like child who lost their favorite toy. It is quite funny if you ask me. DSC_0002

After the dog park we ran some errands around town, which included a stop at Baby Gap. This is the first baby item I have purchased so far, which made my pregnancy feel even more real. I scored this onesie and hat for $2.76. I was pretty stoked about that.

And can anyone comment below and explain to Craig the purpose of a onesie. DSC_0001 2

That evening we met up with our friends Anthony and Lauren at Ronnie’s Sushi off Jewel Lake Road in Anchorage. For all the locals out there, if you go to Ronnie’s—eat at the bar! We got three items (an additional appetizer, mid-meal item, and dessert) for free prepared by the sushi chef. The rolls are also extra-large at Ronnie’s. I had some raw-free roll recommended by the chef. DSC_0012

It was too nice to stay inside, so we pulled out a table on the back porch and played a round of Pandemic. It was a gorgeous night with the sunshine and warm temps.

I’ve decided May is my favorite month in Alaska. Winter is finally done (usually), the weather is starting to warm up, it feels like spring, and it is usually very sunny and dry. (June and July can have its spurts of rainy weather.)DSC_0016

Sunday morning before church I ran 9 miles around Lake Hood. It was a good run, and I’m glad this distance still feels manageable.


We celebrated Mother’s Day with Craig’s mom with dinner and a walk to get ice cream at Tastee Freeze.

I posted this picture of my mom on Facebook. My mom and I when I was two days old.


This post is a few days past due, but I hope your weekend was just as splendid.


10 responses to “May is my Favorite Month

  1. i say enjoy the mornings when you can crawl back in bed and then make craig breakfast! those will be the things that you miss most 🙂

    • I am kind of bummed that these small things I take for granted will be missed, but I am glad you are telling me this, so I will not take them for granted anymore.

    • I had never tried sushi until my husband introduced it to me while we were dating. I am missing the rolls with the raw fish right now.

    • Good to know! I honestly wasn’t quite sure. I thought it was like an undershirt men wear under their dress shirts or the camis I wear under my tops. Glad to know they do serve a purpose–I figured they did if everyone uses them.

  2. Yep, I pretty much used onesies for the first year. It’s so the shirt doesn’t constantly ride up, which they would. The ones that snap in the front work a lot better than the ones that snap at the bottom … Leads to a lot of chafing!

  3. I know some who don’t like onesies- they think the added set of snaps to change diapers is annoying. We don’t always use them during the day, but at night it really helps keep them from wiggling out of their diaper in my experience.

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