Trends in Running Shoes

Since I started working at Skinny Raven Sports, I’ve become more familiar with what’s trending and what people are buying for their running shoes.

One of the big trends people are now shying away from are the minimalist shoes and trending more towards the super cushioned shoes.

I rarely have anyone ask for a Vibram 5 Finger shoe. I never was a big fan of them to begin with. I don’t think most people’s feet and arches can properly support their weight and the pounding from running. I know there are people who swear by them and have had great success with them, but I don’t think they are for most people.

Are 5 finger shoes really better than running shoes?


What people are asking for: Hokas (their full name: HOKA ONE ONE).

If you can get passed their appearance, they are a very well-cushioned and supportive shoe worn by many ultra runners. I’ve tried them on and surprisingly they were not clunky or chunky like I thought they would people. People love them for their cushion, and I’ve had several runners tell me they can’t go back to the traditional running shoe—otherwise they will get injured.


As I progress in my running, I find myself wanting to run in lighter, more responsive shoes with less shoe. And my Mizuno Wave Riders have been perfect for that. Once again I don’t think they are for everyone, but I do find people of my similar caliber going with a more light-weight shoe. I’ve been on the search for a light-weight trainer that fits well and provides at least some cushioning. I’ve heard good things about the Adidas Boost (although I’ve heard the first and second generation models were better), an ASICS trainer, and the Nike Fly Knit Lunar 2.


At Skinny Raven Sports, offer a wide variety of brands of running shoes in our store: ASICS, Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno, Nike, and New Balance.

Of all the brands we sell, our best-selling brand is Brooks. I don’t know what it is, but these shoes fit a lot of people’s feet really well. Since most people have at least some pronation in their stride, I will often bring out a Brooks Adrenaline and without fail it is a top contender for most people.


From there, most people will end up purchasing an ASICS or Saucony with New Balance and Mizuno a considerable distance behind.

The “big-name” brand we sell the last number of shoes: Nike.

Everyone comes in asking for Nikes (the company sure  know how to advertise!), but after people try on other brands, they quickly realize Nike may not be the best shoe for them.



For the trail-runners out there, I find people real like our Solomon running shoes. They are a very well-built shoe that can allow you to attack the trails with ease.





What do you see trending in the running world footwear?


16 responses to “Trends in Running Shoes

  1. I’ve been a fan of the Asics gel Nimbus for some time. They always offered a good balance of cushioning, fit and price for me. I used Adidas trail runners for a long time about ten years ago but they changed they fit. It was aboutthat time that i was able to order Salomon trail shoes on pro form and never looked back.
    Like you mentioned, the minimalist shoe is not for everyone, although many have tried. The Army banned minimalist athletic shoes a few years ago to reduce the potential for injuries. I never fell into the trend because I knew my over used joints needed cushioning.
    I’m a neutral to under pronating runner but I would like to check out some other brands. I’ll try to stop into Skinny Raven at some point.

  2. I agree 100% with your sentence about Nike, they are so popular, but after you run for a while and try other brands, Nike’s kind of come out of the equation. I hardly see Nike’s at smaller races (where more experienced runners usually participate, as opposed to the big races that bring a big percentage of very casual runners). I love Brooks and Mizuno and see them a lot, also Adidas and Saucony are very popular here.

    • I will say the Nike Pegasus is a very good running shoe that is lauded in several runner’s magazines. I’ve owned two pairs and love them. I just bought a new pair of Saucony and am pleased so far.

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    • Most definitely! Bright colors everywhere. Most people are good about getting passed the colors, but I’ve had a few customers who refuse to wear the bright colors.

  4. I really love Nikes! I have really narrow and skinny feet, so my feet are swimming in most brands. The Nikes are the only thing that seems to be snug enough. (I also mostly run as cross-training, so I’m not looking for marathoning shoes.) My husband hates Nikes for the same reason—his feet are really wide and need more space than they provide.

  5. i’m noticing the “less shoe” trend for sure. even the wave rider 17 feels lighter and “less shoe” than previous versions.

  6. For years SR has always recommended Brooks but I never liked them since they were so orthopedic looking to me. I have liked Mizuno’s but this year I didn’t like the look of the Mizuno’s that the lady brought out (didn’t even try them on) but I tried on the Brooks and liked them! I got the one’ s you pictured above. My next pair I’ll probably still look what Mizuno has to offer since I do miss my old pair. PS: I do like the minimalist shoes (not the 5-toe style) for classes at the gym.

    • The Brooks can look a little orthopedic, but I do like the Brooks Adrenalines I pictured. I thought Mizuno still had some cute shoes this season–but they also had some ones that weren’t so tastefully designed. I wonder if they were the Wave Inspire. If so, I wasn’t a fan of those either.

  7. Brooks Adrenaline GTS is one of the best selling shoe for sure. It fits well so many people as it is a stability shoe and most people are moderate pronators. I am , however a big fan of Nike Lunarglide +5 , they fit like a glow and they are super light. They will always be trending, can’t wait for 6 to come out this year

  8. Newtons…I ran poorly with bad form in Mizunos for the longest time. I was a major heel striker. My running was totally transformed when I learned how to run in Newtons. I attended a few running clinics put on by Newton and it changed my life. My speed and technique is superior to just a year ago. I know Newtons aren’t for everyone, but they were great for me. I do a lot of triathlons so running is only part of it.

    I have also tested out the Hoka One One and they are a blast on descents. I did find them very comfy, but noticed it had to pay closer attention to my form and stride.

    • That’s good to know because I wasn’t really sure why Newtons were designed the way they were. Did the clinic teach you to have different form as well? Thanks for sharing about the Hokas too.

      • The Newton concept is pretty simple…forefoot running and proper cadence. Initially your calves will be on fire for a few weeks, but once you get the hang of it the soreness goes away. It was pretty dramatic for me because it was such a change.

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