Pregnancy – Weeks 17 & 18

4 months, baby! We are almost to half-way, and then reality is going to start setting in even more!

DSC_0055 2This picture was taken at 17 weeks. I didn’t do another picture this week because not much has changed in the bump department. There’s a tiny bump there, but most people people probably just think I’ve gained a few pounds. I feel like a need a shirt that say, “No, I am not getting fat; it’s a baby.”

Pregnancy – weeks 17 & 18


Definitely still salty foods: really salty chips and chicken noodle soup that was especially savory. Also chocolate chip cookies. There have been other foods that I’ve eaten recently that I wasn’t necessarily a craving, but they tasted especially delicious: Simply Lemonade, scones, and frozen fruit that was half defrosted.


None really. There are some foods that don’t sounds appealing, but I don’t think I would want them even if I wasn’t pregnant: chicken (haven’t really been a fan of chicken for the past few years), shrimp, and overly ripened bananas.

Weight Gained

6 pounds


Still going great! I ran a half-marathon on Saturday and beat my time from last year, placing 10th for the women and 3rd in my age group. Can’t complain about that!

My mileage from the week of May 19 – 25


6 miles/53 minutes + 20 minutes weights at the gym

If it hadn’t been for my friend Erin, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it out for a run this day. It ended up going well. We ran slow and took it easy.



I don’t know why, but I was feeling especially unmotivated today.


6 miles/49:25 minutes + 40 minutes weights at the gym

After a day off, that’s usually enough to kick my butt into high gear and get back on the running bandwagon. I did a tempo run with a 2 mile warm-up, 1 mile at ~7:45 pace, 0.5 mile at ~7:30 pace, 1 mile at ~7:45 pace, 0.5 mile at ~7:30 pace with a 1 mile cool-down. The run went well, and I was glad to get some faster paces under my belt.


4 miles

Ran on the treadmill because the forest fires made the city of Anchorage smell like a campfire. I didn’t want to take the risk and harm myself or the baby, so I played it safe and ran on the treadmill. (I forgot how much I dread the ‘mill.)



I wanted to take a rest day before the half-marathon.


14 miles

Ran the Trent/Waldron Glacier Half-Marathon in a time of 1:38.


5 miles/49:55 minutes

Ran with Craig, which was nice because it forced me to take it easy. Even when I try to run slow on my own, I never do.

Total: 35 miles



I generally feel the most rested when I sleep 8.5-9 hours each night, but I haven’t been getting near enough because the sun starts shining into our bedroom around 5 a.m. and we don’t have curtains on our windows yet. I need to buy some ASAP! Otherwise, I have been sleeping fine. I usually wake up once between 3:00 – 3:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom.

Baby Items Purchased

Last weekend my mother-in-law and I went to a neighborhood-wide garage sale in a very nice part of Anchorage. We scored some awesome deals: free onesies and socks, burp clothes, swaddling blankets, and this pack-and-play that I think I will also use as a bassinet.


I also found this that hardly looks used bouncing chair. (I think that’s what it is called??)DSC_0056

I also had to post a picture of this onesie that our friend bought for us because she knows how excited Craig is to change diapers. DSC_0057

Pregnancy item for me: Dear Kate Underwear

A friend shared with me Salty Running Blog’s recent post on 5 Ways the End of Pregnancy is Like the End of a Marathon. I can already relate to number three a little—evident from my incident at the half-marathon on Saturday, so I thought it was very fitting when a Dear Kate sent me a pair of lined underwear that help prevent these leaks. (They contacted me before I even shared I was pregnant, which I thought was kind of funny.)

I’ve worn these underwear a few times when running and was thoroughly impressed. I thought they would be uncomfortable or ride up because the material is smooth and kind of slippery, but I wore them on a few runs and they stayed in place with no uncomfortable wedgies. I forsee these coming in handy as my pregnancy progresses.

The only thing I would change would be the lack-luster material. I like fun, bright, colorful patterns, so I wouldn’t mind something a little more exciting than black and blue. But other than that, I thought they were great.


Time to wrap this up and go to bed! I hope everyone enjoys a nice Memorial Day and time with family and/or friends.


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