All About Craig

Well, that was kind of embarrassing.

I went to my first prenatal yoga class this evening at Anchorage Yoga. I was pretty excited about this class since most types of yoga are getting kind of difficult these days. Let’s be honest, I am not very good at yoga to begin with and with the belly that is starting to show, laying on my stomach, back bends, and some poses don’t come as easily. So I signed up for Yoga Mama tonight. I didn’t want to go too early in my pregnancy because I wanted to look at least a little pregnant. Well. . . . .this might have been one time I wanted more of a belly. Everyone else is the room in the room tonight looked they were ready to pop, and here I was with the tiniest bump ever. I’m sure everyone was thinking, “is that girl even pregnant?” “This class isn’t for people who want to become pregnant.” Oh well, I had to laugh about it after the fact.


After I got home from yoga, Craig and I worked on dinner. Craig grilled brats, while I cooked sweet corn, baked tater tots, and sliced watermelon.

I felt like I was back in my childhood with this meal. I grew up on meat, potatoes, and corn, so this was an updated twist on those meals. I splurged on tater tots, which is not something we normally eat. I had some at a potluck a few weeks ago and enjoyed them so much, I wanted them again. (I bought the organic ones from the natural food section so that makes them healthy, right? Ha!)



I’ve dedicate the rest of this post to my husband and all his random antics.


My gift to Craig on our anniversary was the book Hyperbole and a Half. After I gave him the book, we were laying in bed one night, and Craig could NOT stop laughing (serious, uncontrollable laughter) and tears were streaming down his face while he was reading the book. Has anyone else read the book? (To get a taste of her writing, you can read here blog: Hyperbole and a Half.)



Recent quotes by Craig Baxter:

“Honey, I’m getting worried; you look like you’re gaining a little weight.”

“Michelle is being unreasonable and won’t let me initiate our child at birth with the Hunnic ritual of cheek scarring. . . I have lost all hope of ever seeing my children sack Rome. Now if only I would find a wolf that is lactating.”

“Child birth book term of the day: “cervix corking.” It’s like twerking but comes with an epidural and a baby.”

Me: “Want to go on a hot date tomorrow? A run (for me), homemade bacon for breakfast, donuts, dog park, build a fireplace, Baby Gap, Simon and Seaforts, a movie??”

Craig: “I thought I already put a baby in your gap. BOOM!”

People ask me how I put up with my husband. . . . . .I tell them I run!


One of Craig’s coworkers has nicknamed Craig “Beaker” after The Muppets cartoon character. Do you see the resemblance?



On Sunday we were finally able to worship in our new church building. Our church community has been working on building a new church for many, many years. It was so nice to worship in a real sanctuary rather than in the living room of a mansion. (We have a very small parish.)

I’m not sure why Craig looks so dissatisfied.




Craig wears compression socks pretty much all day: at work to help with swelling while sitting all day, while running, flying, and for recovery.

He scored 6 pairs of compression socks for $60 from ProCompression the other week during a special they had. He didn’t get to pick out the patterns or colors; they just sent you various patterns in the same size.

He was pretty stoked about it.


Oh, the fun we have together!

5 responses to “All About Craig

  1. He sounds like tons of fun. Life is too short to be serious. πŸ™‚

    Hyperbole and a Half is the best, my library has a copy. The only time I read books is in bed and I may have kept Matt up while I laughed my way through it. πŸ™‚

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