Mizuno Wave Rider 16s – Shoe Review

DSC_0028I am in love with the Mizunno Wave Rider 16s.

I have not always ran in Mizunos. I have owned many brands of running shoes including: Asics, Brooks, and Saucony most recently. But lately I have been loving Mizunos. I ran in 3 pairs of the Wave Rider 15s and now I am on pair #2 of the 16s.

I did rave about the 15s, but the 16s are even better!


Things I love about the Mizuno Wave Rider 16s:

– They are light—0.5 ounces lighter than their predecessor.

– There is ample room in the toe box for my fairly-wide feet. (Although I did wear through the sides of the shoe—see below.)

– My heel doesn’t slip out—even with my orthotics in them.

– The flexibility and the fact they were very easy to break in.

– Breathable

– There are so many fun colors!

As you can see, I’m a fan. There really isn’t much I don’t like about them.


I think my only gripe was that the shoes split open on the side. I do have fairly wide feet, so it didn’t surprise me too much when this happened. The only other downside I could think of was that they seemed to get dirty really quickly. I like to try and keep my running shoes looking clean and new as long as possible. I did have to handwash the mesh areas quite a few times in order to keep them looking clean.

My first par of Wave Rider 16s. I loved the colors!



I’m wrapping up my second taper week before the Kenai River Marathon. I can’t believe next week will be my last week before the marathon!

I completed 5 easy miles Friday morning in 40 minutes. It was still dark when I got back, so I am stealing this picture from last weekend’s run.DSC_0007

It was a good run, but man was it chilly—33*F people! I still rocked the shorts though!! I have been feeling good this week, which builds my confidence going into the marathon. I will write more in my next post when I recap my weekly mileage.

Happy Saturday!

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