Camp Omega

I woke up this morning excited to embark on another run! This time with my sister!!

The last time we ran together, it was below zero, and we came back extra frosty!


At least this time the perspiration didn’t freeze to our faces!

It was much nicer (weather-wise) this time around!


We ran on the service roads around Camp Omega, where my sister is working this summer.

I love these packed dirt roads: easy on the legs, shade, and beautiful scenery.


We covered 3 miles in 26 minutes. We definitely weren’t speedy, but we got the miles in nonetheless.

The twinge in my hamstring didn’t start hurting as soon today. Yesterday it started hurting after 5 minutes, but today I didn’t feel it until we were almost done, so I was happy about that. Hopefully this is a good sign!


The camp my sister is working at is actually the same camp I spent 4 summers working at as well!

Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 4.21.53 PM

Established in 1964, Camp Omega is a Christian retreat facility and summer camp near Waterville, Minnesota. Open year round, Camp Omega serves a wide variety of Christian and community groups. The camp receives support from congregations of the Minnesota South District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. The camp offers summer camp programs, retreat programming, and facility rental.

It was kind of weird to go back because all my memories involve certain people, but of course those people aren’t there anymore. It is still fun to walk around camp and remember all the good memories though!

The sign I painted 5 years ago.


On top of the hill overlooking Horseshoe Lake. The camp encompasses the “inside” of the horseshoe, which makes the camp on a peninsula.

The Greek letter for Omega is the shape of a horseshoe. . . . get it??


Gamma cabin—currently under renovations


Delta and Epsilon cabins


Zeta cabin


The dock down the hill from Zeta cabin.


A gorgeous sunset!

I love that I get to experience summer sunsets here—seeing they don’t come around until after I am in bed in Alaska.


Petski’s Landing


The Marsh


One of the spots evening campfires are held. (BZ campfire = Below Zeta campfire)



Like I said earlier, the camp is situated on a peninsula, and the tip of the peninsula is referred to as “The Point.”

This is where Craig proposed to me almost 4 years ago! (July 14 to be exact.)


Along with the cabins pictured above, campers also have the opportunity to stay in 4 different outpost camps.

Treehouses (cabins on stilts)

The lean-to on the right is where the kitchen area is.


Covered Wagons






Log Cabins



The Log Cabins also have an outdoor shower now.

You can build a fire under the barrel (on the left) to heat up the water.


There is also a garden full of fresh vegetables at camp now too!

I think I may have had some of the lettuce at lunch. (??)


That concludes the tour of Camp Omega. And seriously, I have nothing but high regards (possibly biased) for this camp, so if you live in the area, check it out! They are open year-round!

12 responses to “Camp Omega

  1. That place looks awesome! I would love to run on that path! Much better than running along the main road through my town (traffic, uuuugh). I am really enjoying reading all these home visit posts. 😀

  2. I love that you and your sister run together!
    That camp looks beautiful. I went to sleep away camp for a few years and had great memories. But I bet it is 1000x prettier in Minnesota than where I went.

  3. Michelle! Thanks so much for posting the pictures of camp! I miss it too- and being in AK for the summer is making me miss/appreciate the sunsets of the midwest as well! p.s.- love your blog- i check it regularly!

    • Yeah! I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog!!

      There are definitely things (after living in Alaska) I will never take for granted again!

  4. beautiful! i worked at a camp for 2 summers and have been missing it this summer since an alumni group was created on facebook for it and i see pics all the time. i ❤ camp!

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